Dnp Reflection

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Dnp Reflection

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The Impact of the DNP on Nursing Practice

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As a result, the Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing IOM , Recommendation 5, proposed to double the number of nurses with a doctorate degree by the year , which is well on its way. The Doctor in Nursing Practice DNP is designed for nurses seeking a terminal degree in nursing practice that is an alternative to research-focused doctoral programs, which aligns with my professional background and goals. I chose a DNP program because I believe it is critical for nursing professionals to have education parity with other disciplines to assure full participation in decision making around policy and patient care, moving our profession forward.

I clearly remember on Christmas Eve of , receiving my acceptance letter — the best gift ever — and realizing that I had now formally made the commitment to go back to school. How was I going to work and go to school? Was the DNP completion program in health systems leadership the right track for me? Advanced Nursing Practice. The Advanced Nursing Practice role has evolved over the years to ensure proficiency in all areas of specialization. The DNP degree program is designed to prepare graduates within distinct specialty areas of nursing practice that require expertise, advanced knowledge, and mastery in that particular specialty AACN. The development and sustainability of therapeutic relationships and partnerships with other health professionals and patients to promote optimal patient outcomes and care is integral to the role of a DNP graduate AACN.

While education is a very important component of Advanced Nursing Practice, preceptorship and mentorship are effective in energizing and shaping the next generation of nurses. Through this aspect, DNPs can assist with the maintenance of excellence within nursing practice. Through the DNP Program, I have learned to become a better educator utilizing evidence-based practice guidelines to provide the best quality care. I truly enjoy precepting both graduate and undergraduate Nursing students. Below is a list of students I have precepted over the years:. Ihejiene A. Kurt A. Christopher C. Summer FNP Jefferson. Katherine S.

Jane F. Tammie B. Nadine M. Amy B. Glenn L. Diane B. Jacqueline L. Avery G. Lucille M. Kara B. Fall FNP Jefferson. American Association of Colleges of Nursing The essentials of doctoral education for advance nursing practice. Chism, L. Employers were asked to describe the role of the DNP-prepared nurse working in direct patient care roles such as APRNs or as leaders, administrators, and managers.

Findings: Descriptive thematic analyses were derived from the interviews, to identify the roles DNP-prepared nurses filled and how they compared to other nurse leaders and advanced practice nurses in these settings. A total of DNP program directors responded to the online survey. Twenty-three employers participated in semistructured telephone interviews. Discussion: The role of the DNP-prepared nurse in nonacademic settings is unclear.

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