The Pros And Cons Of Republican Congress

Saturday, March 12, 2022 1:01:18 AM

The Pros And Cons Of Republican Congress

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Pros :. By its very nature, the Electoral College system is confusing. Each state is allowed one elector for each of its Representatives and Senators in Congress. There are currently electors, and to be elected, a candidate must get the votes of at least electors. Constitution in The Founding Fathers chose it as a compromise between allowing Congress to choose the president and having the president elected directly by the popular vote of the people. The Founders believed that most common citizens of the day were poorly educated and uninformed on political issues. Additionally, the Founders reasoned that the system would prevent states with larger populations from having an unequal influence on the election.

Today, opinions on the future of the Electoral College range from protecting it as the basis of American democracy to abolishing it completely as an ineffective and obsolete system that may not accurately reflect the will of the people. What are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College? Abolishing the Electoral College would require a constitutional amendment , a lengthy and often unsuccessful process. One such movement, the National Popular Vote plan would ensure that the winner of the popular vote would also win at least enough Electoral College votes to be elected president. Eliminating the winner-take-all requirement of the Electoral College at the state level would lessen the tendency for the swing states to dominate the electoral process.

As an alternative to the long and unlikely method amending the Constitution, critics of the Electoral College are now perusing the National Popular Vote plan designed to ensure that the candidate who wins the overall popular vote in inaugurated president. In a republic system of government which includes candidates from diverse sections of the society, the government may become stagnant and non-functional. Smaller communities, contrary to this, do not face this struggle because a lot of like-minded people stick together to make policies and take important decisions.

However, in large countries where a cultural diversity automatically segregates the opinions and ideologies of different people, the singular spirit of the government and the entire nation may collapse. This acute administrative flaw is ingrained in a republic system of government. A representative system of government can be pretty difficult to run because the administrative and legal procedures can be complex, lengthy and time consuming. If a law is formulated by Republican officials, it needs to undergo certain parliamentary procedures before it comes into effect. Hence, a lot of issues can take a back seat during the whole process. There are certain drawbacks that a Republican candidate may possess.

In many countries fair elections do not take place and as a result the candidate is not ideally elected. Also certain politicians have a fair chance to be manipulative and deceitful. These corruptions and loopholes must be taken care of. Now let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of a Republican candidate. Benefits of a Republican candidate. Drawbacks of a Republican candidate. Representative 1. Parochial interests Serve the citizens collectively 2. Can be expensive Constitutional 3. Cannot prevent corruption People have the power to elect 4. They cite votes during his year House career to revamp education, expand Medicare and buttress financial institutions during the Great Recession.

As speaker, Ryan could find himself striking compromises with President Barack Obama. Just ask Boehner how that plays out. Boehner has conservative views and a pragmatist's approach to legislating. Lawmakers and outside groups who consider him insufficiently conservative and not confrontational enough with Obama and congressional Democrats turned on him. David Hobson, R-Ohio. Ryan, 45, savors returning on weekends to his young family in Janesville, Wisconsin. As speaker, he might have to kiss some of that goodbye. But that means frequent weekend travel and evening fundraising events in Washington. That's not the best schedule for Ryan to see his wife and three children, who range in age from 10 to 13 years.

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