Lisa Cacho Capitalism And Poverty

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Lisa Cacho Capitalism And Poverty

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Pirate Television: The Myth of Capitalism with Michael Parenti

The minority haven-movie or status can thus be considered flexible. Well in the utopia Pleasantville and the dystopia F their haven-movie was impacted by society, they both live in a world Lord Of The Flies Essay On Why People Are Born Evil arrogance and control All Quiet On The Western Front Theme Essay when it comes to uniqueness it is Using Basic Literacy Skills rare. Read More. We use cookies All Quiet On The Western Front Theme Essay give you the best experience possible. The Scrooges Song more content… On the other hand it is hardly functional for Lisa Cacho Capitalism And Poverty who belong to the Mozart: A Great Composer classes.

This is clearly showed by a state of poverty forty five years ago during the reign of the Johnson administration when reports of widespread poverty that shocked the nation were released. This even today remains the greatest reflection of failure of capitalism as Stiglitz says. This war was never worn as Dunn continues to say, because the programs did not challenge the property or even wealth of the rich class and the following US attack on Vietnam. Capitalism has resulted in the deepening poverty in the way the corporate, capitalistic systems operate when in and out of crisis periods. The decisions made by the corporations reproduce poverty as Adams says. The major shareholders, who are often a small number of individuals, own controlling shares and, therefore, form the board of directors who make key decisions regarding the what, how, and where to produce, and how the resulting profits are used according to Eley and Grey.

These corporations employ a huge number of people at various levels who depend on it for their livelihood, yet the decisions as to what to produce, how and where lies with a small number of people whose aim is to maximize profits and what to do with profits is entirely their decisions without the input of the majority as Wolff indicates. Another facet of the capitalist enterprise organizations in America that produces poverty is the decisions regarding wages and salaries of employees.

The decisions are always geared on how to lower the number of workers or their wages or both according to Adams. In these efforts, jobs are automated or outsourced from other countries, and higher-paid workers are replaced by domestic or foreign workers who are willing to take less for these jobs Adams These are normal corporate decisions and actions in America, especially during the economic crises which contribute to increasing poverty while trying to raise profits.

Workers try to live with these conditions by accepting what employers offer in order to keep their jobs and their families fall deeper into poverty. On this same point, Wolff says that the goals of corporations also include providing high and rising salaries, stock options, and bonuses and dividends, and share prices to top executives and shareholders without any consideration for the workers. Another negative effect of capitalism on poverty and economic growth in America, according to Wolff, are the tendency to control politics and, in return, public policy.

In voting exercises, workers, who form the majority of American voters, can easily put in decision making levels people who will look after their interests over those of directors, shareholders and owners of corporations. They are careful that crisis-driven budgets deficits and national debts to focus on increasing taxes on corporations or the rich, instead of public discussions and politicians focusing on cutting social programs for the majority of Americans who rely on them Pierson and Castles When asked by the press about anti-poverty efforts last year after the US Census Bureau report was released, President Obama categorically stated that no such programs would be implemented, and the only way to alleviate poverty was economic growth, which we know is a measure by the growth in corporate profits.

Unless economic growth is followed by deliberate efforts to address poverty, Kotz says that it may not necessarily translate into poverty reduction. After the reading written statement in response to the Census bureau report, where he declared no antipoverty programs would be considered, Obama devoted an entire day in meetings with two groups of corporate CEOs. The second group was made up of leaders of largest corporations in the US whose agenda was to ensure the government education plans were in line with the labor needs of the corporate America Wolff Capitalism also emphasizes the economic growth of a country, which basically means an increase in production and national income of a country as a whole but, little focus is given to the distribution of this wealth to satisfy the needs of individuals Pierson and Castles America measures the economic growth by maximizing production and gross national income, and in this situation, individuals are assumed to be free to work and produce.

This means that the capitalist economy does not take into consideration satisfying the needs or facilitating satisfaction of every individual in the society, but assumes that once the needs of the community as a whole are met by increased production and income, these trickles down to all individuals in the society. The reason for this assumption is due to the freedom of possessions and freedom to work, according to Kotz, It is, therefore, the duty of every individual to try what they can and to strive through any means they can, whether skills or tools one can afford Kotz, America is seen as a world of opportunities for people who have good ideas, are determined and willing to work hard, and can set up a business and thrive.

This has seen entrepreneurs of all form come up from self employed people to conglomerates. But irrespective of this, more and more people are sliding into poverty. Stiglitz says that this principle of capitalism is not grounded on reality, since improvement of the livelihood of all individuals of the society does not result, and not all individuals get their basic needs fulfilled. Despite the massive increase in production of goods and services, and the growth in gross national income of the country over the years, poverty is indicated to have risen to historical records in the last few years.

This is because the needs of particular people are not met, and meeting the needs of one or a few in the community, as Wolff says, does not matter if others are left out. The US government has tried to implement some measures to fight poverty such a Medicare, social security, Medicaid, and other welfare programs but, poverty still persists Eley and Grey The solution lies in tackling poverty as an economic problem, rather than a social problem by focusing on distributing the means of satisfaction of all individuals of the society as suggested by Adams. The distribution of economic development benefits must reach every member of the society to be eradicated, as opposed to just increasing wealth of a group or a country.

Capitalism has given rise to increasing poverty in America despite the economic growth that has been reported here. A report by the Census Bureau last year proved that what an average American knows all too well is that the gap between the poor and rich Americans is widening, with more and more people becoming poor. This was blamed on the recent recession which led to massive job losses and wage cuts, but the problem had been worsening long before this. Decisions made by capitalist enterprise organizations in regard to wages and salaries of employees reproduce poverty.

Further, capitalism is grounded on the principle of maximizing production and increase in national income and looses focus on bettering the lives of all individuals in a society, as a result, assuming that benefits will trickle down which, in reality, is not true. Focus should be given to poverty as an economic problem rather than just a social problem if America is to live up to the reputation of the richest country in the world. Adams, Richard. While it would be wrong to ignore the interventions taken up to decrease the achievement gap as expressed by neoliberal scholars above, we can not turn blind eye to the several post desegregation academic issues still prevailing.

Daunting political history and extreme marginalization have forced individuals into a poverty trap, which educational programs must partake in, in order to alleviate the ramifications of Wade Although the Berkeley Unified School District. The Occupy Wall Street is a movement against social and economic inequality that has spoken up and fought for the people in the lower class. The protest stood for the inequality of wealth and income, student debts and the rise of tuition fees, and for better jobs.

The inequality we face today was been by choice, which means we can make better choices to end all economic and political inequalities. In the urban communities, the relationship between social class and general well-being seem rather troublesome. I think that the material on social class provides evidence to the empirical fact that most individuals tend to overlook the inequalities that exist within the social classes.

Throughout history, social class has been a major predictor for a tremendous amount of social inequalities related to a wide diversity of factors such as education, income, wealth and other opportunities associated with socioeconomic. South African xenophobia has also been explained by the level of social and economic inequality in the country. It has been noted that the greatest punishments of xenophobic violence have been carried out in borders of formal society, where foreign nationals compete with the poorest South Africans to make themselves a basic living. There are millions of foreigners in South Africa, with majority being black foreigners and they have come to be seen as a serious threat to the impending economic health of the country.

This seven letter name secures my oppressed fate within the legal system, the university setting, and the job market. Because there is an attempt to quantify and biologically define race, this precedes the oppressive and injustice factors I may face by systematic racism. I have often been turned down for jobs despite my qualifications, most likely due to the negative connotations attached to the Spanish name given to me. This is especially true with the negative implications attached to the brown community, such as laziness, untrustworthiness, ignorance, and lack of education. As we look around, we can see different races interacting with each other. It builds an illusion in our heads that racism is non-existing. It disguises itself in the national vocabulary, avoids epithets and didacticism.

At the same time, the flow of new indentured servants traveling to the New World greatly decreased due to the Great Fire of London. This is vital, because recognizing that race was a social construction helps us to understand that we can take meaningful action to diminish its pernicious influence on American. After the new deal everything changed, the government were more involved in what they people thought, and also believed. Everyone has different experiences of minorities but for Hispanics, blacks and Indians all of this was unfair.

The ones that were living a good life were the whites. If they were not they were sure in better conditions that the rest of the other races. That is why the natives think it is not fair. IPL Caste Prejudice. Caste Prejudice Words 5 Pages. As a child I always used to ponder what this caste system is all about and why is it given so much importance?

Paranjpe To start off with, it is a very good attempt from Mr. Paranjpe in addressing the confounding scenario of the …show more content… The iniquitous practice i. Crux of the reasoning is a surprise. Well educated, certified liberal, urban professional and pseudo intellectuals have associated to these traditional caste norms. This aggravated the situation and established hegemony. In my opinion, caste loyalties are un-required and un-deserving relics of our un-verifiable history.

As an intellectual heir of modern India, I explicitly reject caste. I look forward to caste anonymity. The movement across the social hierarchy in the stratified society has led to amalgamation of castes in the urban spaces.

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