Perfect Coaches Research Paper

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Perfect Coaches Research Paper

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To work with children, either as a volunteer or paid coach, you will need to pass background checks by the Disclosure and Barring Service DBS. See the DBS website for more information about checks. Disclosure and Barring Service Opens new window You can find full details of routes into coaching, volunteering, and local and national courses on the FA website. FA — Become a Coach Opens new window You could also gain coaching qualifications and experience as part of a university course in sports coaching, sports science, sports studies or physical education. Once you nave completed qualifications up to Level 2 and nave experience ot coaching, you could progress to the higher level FA qualifications.

The course involves 16 days of study and practical workshops, spread over a number of weeks. To apply, you must be aged 20 or over, hold the Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football and be regularly coaching an a-side team. The last stage for some coaches is the UEFA A Licence, which is geared towards those working at semi-professional and professional level, although it can be used to work at all levels. It has two parts done on a residential basis. The first part is 13 days long and the second takes eight days.

You would also take a one-day pre-application course to make sure you have the necessary qualifications and experience. It builds on topics covered by the UEFA B course and includes team motivation, tactics, strategy, match analysis and player performance. On successful completion, you would be expected to apply for re-assessment within five years. There is a UEFA Pro Licence beyond the A Licence, mainly aimed at managers in professional football, which concentrates on areas like management skills, leadership and handling the media.

You can also add to your coaching qualifications with training in particular areas, such as: goalkeeping specific skills for defenders, midfielders and attackers sychology — player confidence, mental strength and behaviour futsal South American indoor 5-a-side game, growing in worldwide popularity. See the FA website for more details about their courses and coaching qualifications. FA — National Course Planner Opens new window To be successtul, you should always be open to new ideas and continually improve your skills and knowledge of the game.

Skills, interests and qualities To become a football coach you will need to have: energy, enthusiasm and the ability to motivate others knowledge of, and keen interest in, football good communication skills patience and determination to succeed flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing environments, ability groups and weather conditions the ability to give tactful, positive advice and constructive criticism good organisational and planning skills a confident and professional manner. Progression will depend on your results and reputation. You may also be able to take further training to develop your skills into more specialist areas, such as international coaching, performance coaching and goalkeeping coaching.

As a coach working with young people, you may be able to gain relevant qualifications and move into sports development or youth work. This could be the difference between making a strong and clean tackle and possibly causing an injury themselves or perhaps there opponents. This is why techniques must be taught properly from a young age by coaches so that he the correct technique stays with them throughout their career. Sport managers are responsible for the moral decisions that govern an organizations behaviour. An individual must understand that certain decisions may be right or wrong when it comes to situations in life.

Since the 21st century, sport has developed an increase in talent, many individuals choose to make unethical decisions to benefit themselves. It is also important to allow every individual an equal opportunity to be a part of a sports team unless reasons exist otherwise. When choosing a team, evaluation should be based on skill, personality, and prior behaviour. Having success causes excitement and pride and in the world we live in today, and everyone wants to be successful. But really success should be defined as great achievement by always doing things to their most capable point.

Lastly, our knowledgeable assistant coach is essential to the process because only he is smart enough to know that moves proven to work throughout the ages should be discarded in favor of his techniques. Truly, these three have prepared each and every wrestler for their matches better than any other coach that I have ever had in my. Leadership Anyone can lead a team, but it takes a true leader to lead on a successful team or group. Great leaders set themselves apart from average leaders by going the extra mile and doing whatever it takes to be the best. Great leaders lead both by example and by what they say. When a member of a group or team is not giving their all or is feeling down, they need only look to the leader who is paving the way for them.

Leaders like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson would stop at nothing to win, and did everything in their power to make sure that their team was prepared and focused on the task ahead. A coach is someone that players have to rally behind and be confident in. Very few coaches possess all the qualities of being a perfect coach. However there are few who do hold all the right qualifications and traits of a great coach.

The first quality of being a good coach is leadership. In any sport there needs to be a leader. Every team needs someone that the players can believe in to lend them to victory. Sports can be very similar to war. In order to win in war, troops need a good captain who has the right battle plan, and in order to win in sports, players need a good coach who has the right game plan. For the Alabama Crimson Tide, they are no stranger to success. In their own words, we will look at Alabama Athletics mission statement through. We also have come to realize that the slower, weaker, and not as good women make up for physical strength with mental prowess, to succeed on the playing fields and courts of the world.

However, this concept has not caught up with athletic directors, coaches, and trustees boards across the country. Women's athletics is still not given the financial backing, the practice facilities, the correct training. They show a certain behavior towards an organization. These behaviors manifest in different ways and show in different types of sports fans. Even though sports fanaticism exists on a spectrum, some forms stick out more than others.

Individual types that stick out include the bandwagon, the coach, the trash talker, the blind follower, and the statistician. I see someone who is courageous and wants to take the lead. I see someone who chooses to create there own path, rather than taking the one everyone else is taking. As I learn about the qualities and the traits of leadership, I began to self evaluate on how I see myself as a leader. This week we have been really discussing some interesting topics on the birth of leadership, also the core skills along with. High School Athletics David Beach University of Denver Abstract This study deals with high school athletics and their long-term effect in the lives of those who participate; it also deals with the positive and negative aspects of athletics during high school, and the treatment of those who participate.

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