The Pros And Cons Of Human Cloning

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The Pros And Cons Of Human Cloning

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Scientist fear the 'immoral' dangers of human cloning - 60 Minutes Australia

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Genome editing could extend the human lifespan. The human lifespan has already shot up by a number of years, and we are already living longer and longer. Genetic engineering could make our time on Earth even long. There are specific, common illnesses and diseases that can take hold later in life and can end up killing us earlier than necessary. So it can drastically improve both the span and the quality of life later on. Genetic engineering can design foods that can withstand harsh temperatures and are packed full of all the right nutrients.

Additionally, it could also be the answer to meet the heavy food demands that are still not met in many countries. We may also increase the medicinal value of our food and introduce edible vaccines. Instead of using tons of insecticides and pesticides, we can protect our plan in a healthier way. They believe that humans, by the millions falling ill and dying prematurely, are all perfectly natural. While living longer is already creating social problems today, what about the overpopulated earth after scientists remove all the disease in it? Is it even safe to make changes at the cellular level? We know of five potential benefits to genetic modification within the human genome that are worth exploring. Human cloning could help us to recover faster from devastating injuries.

Sprains or strains to a ligament will typically heal in 4 to 6 weeks with rest, but when a tear occurs, the primary treatment option especially with an ACL is to apply a tissue graft at a steeper angle to encourage the healing process. Through the processes of human cloning, the cells can begin to rebuild on their own. It creates an opportunity for a faster recovery because doctors are duplicating the exact cells that the body requires. Human cloning reduces issues of socioeconomic equality. Education, special services, diet, and other social interventions are also used to correct the natural inequality that occurs through the natural reproduction process. Moving toward human cloning would allow the next generation of children to require fewer interventions throughout their life because they would be genetically equipped to handle the challenges which might come their way.

Human cloning could eliminate defective genes and chromosomes. Approximately 1 in , people in the U. The current leading cause of newborn death is due to birth defects. All of these issues could be reduced or eliminated if we were to embrace the benefits that human cloning provides. Human cloning would allow great minds to continue benefiting humankind. Where would we be today if Leonardo da Vinci had access to modern technology with his impressive imagination? Significant contributions to science, music, literature, and the arts are possible because of the technologies involved in human cloning. Human cloning would help us to create more stem cells. Stem cells are what help to build, maintain, and repair the body throughout our lives.

There are processes that these cells perform naturally, allowing them to be manipulated by doctors to repair diseased or damage to organs and tissues. When they are transferred from one person to another, then the recipient sees these cells as being foreign bodies, triggering an immune response. Cloning is a way to create genetically identical cells that could help to create better health outcomes for people, especially if they suffer from a rare genetic disease. Human cloning could eliminate viral epidemics.

Human cloning could help to replicate a natural resistance to these diseases, disorders, and conditions when discovered in the general population. For as long as disease has existed on our planet, there have been a select few people who have a natural resistance to specific illnesses. Some people naturally resist the influenza virus better than others. Researchers even found that a group of women in West Africa remained perfectly healthy despite repetitive exposure to the Ebola virus. Human cloning would allow us to take advantage of these natural immunities to create new vaccines, medical treatments, or even children in future generations who would not be forced to struggle with such devastating illnesses.

Human cloning could adapt our population to changing planetary conditions. The processes of evolution allow humankind to begin adapting to changing conditions on our planet. Future generations may be able to adapt to a warming world thanks to the slow adaptations of our genetic profile to this shift. Human cloning could speed up this process to help save lives that would normally be lost through the process of natural selection.

We would be able to take the genetic profile of those who are the most resistant to any change, duplicate it, and then spread it to the rest of the population. Human cloning could lead to advancements in organ transplantation. There are over , people on organ transplantation wait lists in the United States right now. Roughly 10, individuals are waiting for a critical organ, such as a heart. This process would also reduce the immune response that occurs after this procedure takes place because the new organ would be based on the cells of the individual instead of a random donation. Human cloning could help us understand the reasons why spontaneous abortions occur.

Among women who are currently pregnant, up to 1 in 5 may experience this outcome. The processes behind human cloning would help us to understand more about these abnormalities, and then correct them to prevent future losses. Human cloning might cause people to age faster instead of slower. As cells begin to age, the information they obtain is imprinted within their physical structure. When a person begins to grow up, they generate genetic information that their genome maintains. Although we know that cloning is possible, what we do not understand at this present time is whether the information contained within our DNA could cause an artificial duplicate to develop more rapidly than normal.

If genetic age imprinting does apply to the human genome, then providing embryos with older cells could create issues with premature aging. When you back up data, it launches a secondary program called MiniTool ShadowMaker. This program makes backups easy. You select the backup target, the destination for the backup, and then sit back while it works. It works like any other hard drive cloning tool. Like many others on this list, it took around 1. HDClone X is a final bit of freeware that makes it easy to clone a drive , secure or restore backups, perform speed tests, and more.

One notable feature is that this software is available in various languages for users all over the world. While not as featured as other options, HDClone X is a simple tool that will help you create a backup or clone a drive in no time at all. The downside is that the program itself is larger in size at around MB, versus many other options that measure in at less than 50 MB. HDClone X lacks the user-friendliness of other programs. In many cases, it refused to copy the disk until I tweaked settings. In addition, it showed a list of ways the file could be copied faster — the most obvious of which was buying the premium version to remove artificial throttling. Drives are built with a specific life span in mind.

If you carry a laptop with a hard drive around, the vibrations can shorten its lifespan. Take the time to back up and create clones of your drives to preserve your data. All of these tools are relatively easy to use. If you need more comprehensive software, many of the options on this list include premium versions that are more powerful and even come with tech support numbers you can call should you encounter difficulty. Patrick is an Atlanta-based technology writer with a background in programming and smart home technology. Read Patrick's Full Bio. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to Help Desk Geek and get great guides, tips and tricks on a daily basis!

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