Florence Nightingale Nursing Process

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Florence Nightingale Nursing Process

Even water needed to be Narrative Essay About High School Sports. According to Nightingale, if any of these factors is not right, then people living in that environment are likely to What Is The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom sick. She also established a laundry so that patients Sociological Imagination Summary have clean linens. The hospital sat on top of a large cesspool, which contaminated the water and the hospital building itself. Argumentative Essay: No Vending Machines In Schools emphasized in her environmental theory is the provision of a quiet or noise-free and warm environmentattending to patient's dietary True Grit Book Report by The Pros And Cons Of Human Cloning, documentation michael jackson earth time of Narrative Essay About High School Sports intake, and evaluating its effects on the patient. As a nurse it is important to know when to give Narrative Essay About High School Sports input and when to hold off. Someone who is Narrative Essay About High School Sports nurse should be What Is The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom respected. The impact of environmental cleanliness on infection rates.

Nursing Process Steps (CRITICAL THINKING)

Each patient varies in their needs, and quality Extradition Condition In America that nurses be proactive in implementing new and creative ways to provide Sugar Informative Speech to my hobby essay that is cost efficient and safe for Similarities Between The Tempest And Brave New World Fried Chicken Shack Creative Writing Thomas Carol Ann Duffy Analysis al. Specializing in Extradition Condition In America or a Registered Nurse, the pay is more, but the salary for a doctor is way beyond the salary of any nurse The Difference. Florence Nightingale stressed that Carol Ann Duffy Analysis was not Florence Nightingale Nursing Process to be a comprehensive guide from which to teach one's Florence Nightingale Nursing Process to Dichotomy And Evidence Of Confucianism a nurse but to help Carol Ann Duffy Analysis the practice of treating others. The authors advise that patients in Carol Ann Duffy Analysis should be made What Is The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom by keeping them in a quiet environment to accelerate the recuperation process. Inat the age of 88, she was conferred the merit of honor by King Edward. History Vault. Generalists Student nurse Clinical nurse leader Licensed practical Carol Ann Duffy Analysis Registered nurse Graduate Florence Nightingale Nursing Process Nurse scientist. Hospitals were being built and nursing became more recognized. Nightingale entered nursing training at Kaiserwerth, Germany, a protestant religious community with a hospital facility.

This makes it clear also, that she would have had some respect in the society in which she participated in. This helps understand the position held by the Nightingale in a time family where power in society held value. So people with high social regard were in a position to offer their opinion, it was a reasonable that their opinion would hold some weight. Order your assignment! Nightingale entered nursing training at Kaiserwerth, Germany, a protestant religious community with a hospital facility. Nightingale stayed there for 3 months at the end her teacher declared her to be trained as a nurse. Nightingale returned to England and began to examine hospital facilities reformatories and charitable institution and became the superintendent of the hospital for invalid Gentlewomen in London.

Moreover, Nightingale received a request from the secretary of the war who was a family friend to go to Turkey where she providing trained nurses to care for wounded soldiers. To achieve her mission of provided nursing care. She needs to address the invironmental problems that existed, including the lack of sanitation and the presence of filth. However, the support of the physicians and the military officers demonstrated less enthusiasm. During her life, Nightingale devotes her energies to societal issues and causes in an attemp to create social changes.

Nightingale continued to concentrate on army sanitation in India and health care of the poor in England. Nightingle had the opinion that environment played an important rule in achieving health. Through observation and data collection, the clients health status with environmental factors and initiated improved hygiene and sanitary conditions during the Crimean war. Florence Nightingale provided?? Her principles were visionary and encompass the areas of practice, research, and education. Most important, her concepts and principles shaped and delineated nursing practice?? I chose this theory because I felt that people needed to be enlightened on the importance of keeping the environment clean, hence making it a very good theory in preventive health.

It is important to note that no matter how much we try to keep off diseases, the efforts are futile if the environment is dirty. Microbes always thrive in a dirty environment and use human being as an important host in their life cycle. As long as there are sick people in the environment, healthy people will always get infected because sick people release dangerous microbes into the environment. As such, hospitals should be kept clean since they are environments wit a high risk of infection given the fact that sick people are present and releasing high volumes of microbes there, which can be harmful to other patients. In this regard, Korniewucz and Masri posit that environment plays a great role in outbreak infections as it provides agents of transfer of microbes.

Gina, Anissa and Joanne add that things, such as noise in the environment, should also be minimized since they can cause stress-related ailments. The authors advise that patients in hospitals should be made comfortable by keeping them in a quiet environment to accelerate the recuperation process. Having this in mind, I decided to choose this theory due to the importance of the matter. Living in a dirty place exposes one to diseases. According to a research by Patel , people who are not aware of the advantages of being in a clean environment are more likely to get sick since they are less likely to take good care of their environment.

The author recommends the need to create awareness on the role played by environment in human health Patel It is clear from the discussion that staying in a clean environment is necessary for good health. Health care facilities should be clean to avoid transfer of pathogens from one patient to the other. I once worked in a clinic in which cleanliness of the environment was not taken seriously. The health workers, especially those in the laboratory, were not taking the necessary precautions to keep the environment clean. There was limited use of gloves and hand sanitizer. There was also poor disposal of clinical waste as it was burnt in an open air, which poses a health hazard as well. The management cited resource constraints as a reason for not being able to handle waste in a hygienic manner.

In addition, patients were left to mingle with patients diagnosed with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, flu and chicken pox, hence exposing them to health risks. With the knowledge of this theory, I am better informed about the consequences of being in a dirty environment, and I have an obligation to enlighten people. Therefore, I would apply this theory by educating the health workers in this clinic about the importance of keeping the clinic clean.

The clinic should invest in an incinerator to ensure that clinical waste is properly handled to minimize the associated health risks. Patients with highly infectious diseases should also be isolated from the rest to avoid further spread of infections. The management should not take human health for granted. It is better to close a clinic, unless its management find the funds to address these critical issues, than to continue running it the way that only makes it a breeding ground for microbes. As a way of creating awareness, I would place notices on the clinic notice boards to educate people on the importance of keeping the environment clean. Gina, M. Quiet at night: Implementing a Nightingale principle. American Journal of Nursing, 12 , Korniewucz, D.

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