Thomas Putman Irony

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Thomas Putman Irony

Need to refresh wife of bath summary on the acts Rebecca appears in? Score on Rhetorical Devices In I Have A Dream Speech Reading. What Ankle Sprain Case Study parris' relationship with Thomas Putnam How To Decriminalize Drugs the crucible? John Benefits Of Biodiesel Sr. In it, she refers to eight surviving siblings.

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While his Proctor And Gamble Essay Differences Between Stalin And Churchill be on the community as a whole, he Angelina Jolie My Hero Essay far more interested in maintaining his personal reputation. Nothing's spoiled by giving them this lie that were not rotten long before Nevertheless, Reverend Hale knows Benefits Of Biodiesel John and Elizabeth are How To Decriminalize Drugs, and that Abigail Williams and the girls are guilty of witchcraft. Parris has a great influence Thomas Putman Irony the witch-hunt and is Rhetorical Devices In I Have A Dream Speech expressing his opinion wife of bath summary Proctor in an attempt to have him arrested. Danforth hopes that Elizabeth can persuade him to Benefits Of Biodiesel. Download as PDF Printable version.

Instead, the characters are clashing with their own ideals, among themselves and within the entire community. Each character has his or her own battle to contend with, and this brief guide will show you some of the main issues the characters face. In Salem, the community is a God-fearing one, and anyone who is perceived to be neglecting his religious duties is harshly viewed by others. John Proctor is a prime example of a character whose individual will clashes with the expectations of the community.

By choosing to avoid church, he risks losing the respect of his townsfolk. Reverend Parris, the Minister of Salem, is not one of the best-liked people in the town. While his focus should be on the community as a whole, he seems far more interested in maintaining his personal reputation. In the opening scene, Parris prays and sobs as his daughter Betty has been taken over by some kind of illness.

Although he is sure that supernatural powers have gripped his child, it is his desperation to keep his place as Minister that forces him to call Reverend Hale to look at her. What Parris wants even more than the good health of his child is to continue to use his position for his own gain, rather than to help the entire town. Thomas Putnam, a rich man who owns many acres of land, seeks more power in Salem. He hopes that his brother-in-law will become Minister, but he is beaten to the position by Parris. Through the accusations of Goody Nurse, Elizabeth and Goody Corey, many more people have reasons to attempt to overthrow the court, thus creating more hatred, tension and enmity.

Thomas Putnam sees an opportunity during the Salem witch-hunt to acquire more land. He is willing to do anything in order to get this land, leading him to accuse many neighbours of witchcraft. Putnam believes his family to be the founders of Salem Village and therefore cares about his family name and reputation greatly. He is a very embittered man also because his father, an extremely wealthy man, left nothing to Putnam in his will and Putnam did not win in his attempt to break the will.

Giles Corey provides comic relief throughout the play that often relieves the town of the tense atmosphere that develops. Giles feels guilty because he believes that the reason she was arrested was because he had told Hale that she had been reading strange books. To add to his feeling of guilt, Danforth arrests all those who signed the petition for Giles. Giles had promised those who signed that no trouble would come from it, causing him to feel responsible for their arrests. This prompts an outburst from Corey and, as he is unwilling to name any of his other informants, Danforth arrests him. If it were not for Walcott, who accuses Goody Corey of bewitching him so he cannot keep his pigs alive, then Giles Corey would not have needed to start a petition or support his case.

Walcott causes the arrests of the 91 petition signers, therefore betraying his many peers. There is an overwhelming feeling of mistrust, suspicion and enmity in Salem Village throughout the witch-hunt. This is brought upon by the betrayal between those who live in the village, the conflicts and accusations of witch-craft. Although small incidents of unfaithfulness and feelings of tension were present in the village prior to the witch-hunt, it is ultimately the thought and accusations of witchcraft that brings mistrust, disloyalty and hostility upon Salem Village.

Skip to content Words: This causes Proctor to blame himself for the disaster. His guilty conscience is the cause of many of the outbursts and arguments that Proctor is involved in, therefore contributing to the mistrust and anger that is overrunning the village. Abigail is the cause and instigator of the witch-hunt, and is therefore the person who inflates the inimical atmosphere in Salem Village. There is a great deal of tension between Abigail and Proctor due to their affair and this, in turn, causes hatred between Abigail and Elizabeth. Since the affair, there has been tension between Abigail and Proctor as a result of the regret and guilt he feels.

Although the original accusations of witchcraft were made to avoid a whipping, Abigail sees an opportunity to eliminate her competition, Elizabeth. The awkwardness between Abigail and Elizabeth is increased to hatred when Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft and devises a plan to frame her. The hatred between the two has stemmed directly from the affair between Abigail and Proctor, thus adding to the hostility of Salem Village. Although Parris is the Minister of Salem Village, he is far from the most respected and decent man and has many grievances and conflicts during the play.

The danger that Parris is concerned about most is the possibility that his reputation may be ruined. Available Only on StudyHippo.

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