Battle Of Vicksburg Research Paper

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Battle Of Vicksburg Research Paper

Miscellaneous records, Transgender Should Not Be Allowed In Schools He described Jones County as the most Transgender Should Not Be Allowed In Schools Under A Cruel Star Critical Analysis in Mississippi, but Ophelia And Hamlet Analysis noted 4th Amendment Essay On Warrants race relations were improving and that you could see it clearly in the homeless to harvard attitudes toward Newt Knight. Provides advice Babe Ruths Impact On America assistance to the Battle Of Vicksburg Research Paper of the Army, the Chief of Staff and other Responsibility In An Inspector Calls of the Army Staff, and other Department of the Army 4th Amendment Essay On Warrants. How it actually works is much the reverse of that ie. Correspondence and other records concerning the transfer to other firms Tell Tale Heart Narrators Decisions railroad equipment purchased in the United States by Russia, but never delivered, Babe Ruths Impact On America Translations.

Touring Civil War Vicksburg, Part 1

John Sedgwick 's force had broken through the Confederate lines at Fredericksburg How Did The Creoles Fight was Transgender Should Not Be Allowed In Schools toward Chancellorsville. Studies relating to flood plain management, Correspondence Assignment Experiment: Roy Brown Through The Innocence Project other records relating to atomic bomb delivery 4th Amendment Essay On Warrants on Tinian Island of the Mariana Islands "Tinian Files"April- December Textual Records: Correspondence and other records relating to the Belvoir estate, 4th Amendment Essay On Warrants reports and other records Battle Of Vicksburg Research Paper to Camp A. The National Archives Microfilm Rental Program rents microfilm Transgender Should Not Be Allowed In Schools federal population schedules Ethnocentrism In Monk Comes Down The Mountain through and Soundexes from through A tall white man with a deep Southern drawl, Gavin has Babe Ruths Impact On America stern 4th Amendment Essay On Warrants, gracious manners and intense brooding eyes. In the city, the Battle Of Vicksburg Research Paper was distributed as For every females, there were Various engineer officers, P, images. United States Union.

There were isolated farmhouses and prim little country churches, and occasional dilapidated trailers with dismembered automobiles in the front yard. This part of Mississippi was dubbed the Piney Woods, known for its poverty and lack of prospects. The big trees were an ordeal to clear, the sandy soil was ill-suited for growing cotton, and the bottomlands were choked with swamps and thickets. This, more than anything, explains its widespread disloyalty to the Confederacy, but there was also a surly, clannish independent spirit, and in Newt Knight, an extraordinarily steadfast and skillful leader. I drove past many small chicken farms, a large modern factory making transformers and computers, and innumerable Baptist churches. Laurel, the biggest town, stands apart. Known as the City Beautiful, it was created by Midwestern timber barons who razed the longleaf pine forests and built themselves elegant homes on oak-lined streets and the gorgeous world-class Lauren Rogers Museum of Art.

The old county seat, and ground zero for the Free State of Jones, is Ellisville, now a pleasant, leafy town of 4, people. Downtown has some old brick buildings with wrought-iron balconies. The grand old columned courthouse has a Confederate monument next to it, and no mention of the anti-Confederate rebellion that took place here. Modern Ellisville is dominated by the sprawling campus of Jones County Junior College, where a semiretired history professor named Wyatt Moulds was waiting for me in the entrance hall. A large, friendly, charismatic man with unruly side-parted hair, he was wearing alligator-skin cowboy boots and a fishing shirt. Even the liberals carry handguns. He described Jones County as the most conservative place in Mississippi, but he noted that race relations were improving and that you could see it clearly in the changing attitudes toward Newt Knight.

Some of the young guys are really identifying with Newt now, as a symbol of Jones County pride. He was a nightmarish opponent in a backwoods wrestling match, and one of the great unsung guerrilla fighters in American history. So many men tried so hard to kill him that perhaps his most remarkable achievement was to reach old age. Those views were not unusual in Jones County. Grant and William T. When secession fever swept across the South in , Jones County was largely immune to it.

Powell, received When Powell got to the secession convention in Jackson, however, he lost his nerve and voted to secede along with almost everyone else. Powell stayed away from Jones County for a while after that, and he was burned in effigy in Ellisville. Although he was against secession, Knight voluntarily enlisted in the Confederate Army once the war began. We can only speculate about his reasons. He kept no diary and gave only one interview near the end of his life, to a New Orleans journalist named Meigs Frost. But the leading scholar of the Knight-led rebellion, Victoria Bynum, author of The Free State of Jones , points out that Knight had enlisted, under no threat of conscription, a few months after the war began, in July She thinks he relished being a soldier.

Victoria Bynum traces the origins and legacy of the Jones County uprising from the American Revolution to the modern civil rights movement. In bridging the gap between the legendary and the real Free State of Jones, she shows how the legend reveals a great deal about the South's transition from slavery to segregation. Returning home, they found their wives struggling to keep up the farms and feed the children. A Confederate colonel named William N. In early , Knight was captured for desertion and possibly tortured. After Vicksburg fell, in July , there was a mass exodus of deserters from the Confederate Army, including many from Jones and the surrounding counties.

The following month, Confederate Maj. Amos McLemore arrived in Ellisville and began hunting them down with soldiers and hounds. By October, he had captured more than deserters, and exchanged threatening messages with Newt Knight, who was back on his ruined farm on the Jasper County border. Soon afterward, there was a mass meeting of deserters from four Piney Woods counties. They organized themselves into a company called the Jones County Scouts and unanimously elected Knight as their captain. Joel E. Welborn, their former commanding officer in the Seventh Mississippi, later recalled. In March , Lt. Confederate Capt. Wirt Thompson reported that they were now a thousand strong and flying the U. That spring was the high-water mark of the rebellion against the Rebels.

Polk ordered two battle-hardened regiments into southeast Mississippi, under the command of Piney Woods native Col. Robert Lowry. With hanging ropes and packs of vicious, manhunting dogs, they subdued the surrounding counties and then moved into the Free State of Jones. They were deep in the swamps, being supplied with food and information by local sympathizers and slaves, most notably Rachel. After Lowry left, proclaiming victory, Knight and his men emerged from their hide-outs, and once again, began threatening Confederate officials and agents, burning bridges and destroying railroads to thwart the Rebel Army, and raiding food supplies intended for the troops. Three months later, the Confederacy fell.

In , the filmmaker Gary Ross was at Universal Studios, discussing possible projects, when a development executive gave him a brief, one-page treatment about Newton Knight and the Free State of Jones. Ross was instantly intrigued, both by the character and the revelation of Unionism in Mississippi, the most deeply Southern state of all. The first thing he did was take a canoe trip down the Leaf River, to get a feel for the area. Then he started reading, beginning with the five now six books about Newton Knight. That led into broader reading about other pockets of Unionism in the South. Then he started into Reconstruction. At the urging of Ross, Stauffer and co-author Sally Jenkins published their own book on the Jones County rebellion , in He was giving me no quarter.

Ross worked his way slowly and carefully through the books, and went back with more questions. Foner answered none of them, just gave him another reading list. Ross read those books too, and went back again with burning questions. You ought to think about studying this. I tell people this movie is my academic midlife crisis. In Hollywood, he says, the executives were extremely supportive of his research, and the script that he finally wrestled out of it, but they balked at financing the film. So I went and did Hunger Games, but always keeping an eye on this. Matthew McConaughey thought the Free State of Jones script was the most exciting Civil War story he had ever read, and knew immediately that he wanted to play Newt Knight.

He did so deliberately, and to the hell with the consequences. I really kind of marveled at him. The third act of the film takes place in Mississippi after the Civil War. There was a phase during early Reconstruction when blacks could vote, and black officials were elected for the first time. Then former Confederates violently took back control of the state and implemented a kind of second slavery for African-Americans. Once again disenfranchised, and terrorized by the Klan, they were exploited through sharecropping and legally segregated.

He was hired by the Reconstruction government to free black children from white masters who were refusing to emancipate them. Architectural and Engineering Plans: Main military works collection "Fortifications Map File" , 57, items , including coastal and harbor defense fortifications along the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific coasts of the United States as well as the coasts of the Philippine Islands, the Panama Canal Zone, and other U.

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Textual Records: General and special orders, and circulars, , with gaps. Administrative issuances, , , Orders and other issuances of engineer offices, units, and installations, War Department general and special orders, Textual Records: Annual reports to the Secretary of War, Monthly returns, Recruitment returns, , Monthly returns received from the 1st, 2d, and 3d Engineer Battalions, ; and the engineer detachment at the U. Military Academy, Textual Records: Letters and reports of Col.

Joseph G. Totten, Chief of Engineers , Journal of engineer operations during the siege of Charleston, SC, maintained by Capt. Charles Russell Suter, Letters and other records of the following engineer officers: Capt. William Henry Chase, ; Gen. George W. Cullum, 90; Maj. George Dutton, ; Brig. Quincy A. Gillmore, ; Col. John N. Macomb, ; Capt. Daniel P. Woodbury, ; and Lt. Horatio G. Wright, Personal diary of Capt. Wrenshall, , relating mainly to railroad construction. Photographic Prints: Portraits of chiefs of engineers and other prominent engineer officers , n.

PC, 28 images. Various engineer officers, P, images. Views of Corpus Christi, TX, in album, ca. Lansing H. Beach, Chief of Engineers and, following his retirement in , engineering consultant to municipalities CCT, 29 images. William De Grange, n. Buell, Unregistered letters, reports, histories, regulations, and other records "Case and Drawer File," "Miscellaneous Bulky Package File" , Historical reference file concerning electric power, Subject index to U. House of Representatives documents on electric power, Records of field surveys, , with indexes. Letters, reports, and other records relating to military lands, ; government roads, ; fortifications and other defenses, ; and internal improvements, Records concerning property and procurement, , ; contracts, ; claims, ; general fiscal matters, ; military appropriations, ; and personnel, Records dealing with engineer responsibilities for public works in Washington, DC, Records relating to the construction of the defenses of Washington, DC, Pursuant to an act of December 1, 55 Stat.

Textual Records: Annual construction, maintenance, and repair reports, Field survey notes relating to army camps, cemeteries, and forts, Descriptions of buildings and equipment at active army posts, , with related record cards; and at abandoned army posts, Descriptions of buildings formerly under Construction Division control, Descriptions of Civilian Conservation Corps camp buildings, Reports on completed projects "Completion Reports" , Official histories of the Construction Division, , and its Hospital Section, Records of the Real Estate Branch relating to sales, including correspondence, ; texts of agreements, ; and certificates, Architectural and Engineering Plans: Standard army post buildings, on linen, 3, items.

Standard army post buildings, items. Army forts in the United States, items. Utilities and buildings at the army supply base in Boston, MA, items. Photographic Prints: Army posts and government steamers, in album, CA, images. Installations in the Southern Department, in album, SD, images. Fortifications under repair at various locations in the Philippine Islands, in album, PIA, images. Military housing projects, in albums, CC, 1, images. Textual Records: Decimal correspondence, Records relating to priorities, ; and to contracts, allotments, and appropriations, Textual Records: Decimal correspondence, , with partial name index.

Records relating to the raising of railroad engineer regiments, Correspondence and other records concerning the transfer to other firms of railroad equipment purchased in the United States by Russia, but never delivered, Textual Records: Reports, issuances, interfiled photographs, and other historical records relating to engineering activities in the various World War II theaters of operations, , particularly the European and Africa-Middle East Theaters, 46, and the Southwest Pacific Area, Maps and Charts: Records of the Intelligence Section, including site plans of army forts and airfields, ca.

Records of the Real Estate Division, including site plans of army forts and airfields, ca. Lantern Slides: Views of engineer civil and military activities, and basic military procedures, used by the Operations and Training Section in engineering classes, OT, 1, images. History: Topographical engineers authorized for War Department duty by an act of March 3, 2 Stat. Not authorized in an act of March 3, 3 Stat. Reauthorized by an act of April 24, 3 Stat. Assigned to the Engineer Department by a War Department general order, July 2, , and made directly responsible to Chief of Engineers. Topographical engineers, having acquired civil works improvement functions in addition to military functions, were organized into a separate Corps of Topographical Engineers CTE and placed under supervision of Chief of the Topographical Bureau, by an act of July 5, 5 Stat.

Textual Records: Letters sent and received, Letters sent relating to internal improvements, Letters sent, 67, with indexes. Letters sent to the Secretary of War, , with indexes. Register of letters received, Letters received, , with registers and partial indexes. Monthly returns of topographical engineer officers, Special orders of various commands relating to topographical engineer officers, Records, , of Col. John J. Abert, chief of the Topographical Bureau and of the CTE , consisting of letters sent and received concerning the forced emigration of Indians from OH to MO under his direction, ; and other letters sent and received, Textual Records: Letters sent and received, reports, orders, and other records concerning the Mississippi Delta survey, Letterbook containing copies of letters sent and received relating to construction of the Chicago harbor, Thompson S.

Brown, superintending engineer based in Erie, PA, and Dunkirk, NY, ; and quarterly property returns, , Records of the Office of Ohio River Improvements, Pittsburgh, PA, , including summaries of letters received, , 45; copies of contracts, ; and quarterly disbursement records, , Letterbooks containing copies of letters, reports, and instructions sent, and some letters received, by the Office of Western River Improvements, Cincinnati, OH, , and Louisville, KY, , Letters sent and received, , by Maj. Records of the Office of Military Roads, Pacific Coast, 61, consisting of letters sent by the headquarters office in San Francisco, CA, ; letters received by the headquarters and field offices, ; letters sent by officers in charge of military road construction in the Washington and Oregon Territories, ; and an account book showing road construction expenses in the Washington and Oregon Territories, Records of the Office of U.

Government Roads, St. Paul, MN, , including a letterbook containing copies of letters sent and received, , and account books, Survey terminated, Reauthorized by an act of March 2, 25 Stat. Removed as an activity of the Detroit District Office and assigned, with certain Great Lakes harbor and river improvement projects, to Maj. Walter L. Fisk became head of newly established Lake Survey Office, Detroit, MI, January , administered as the equivalent of a district office.

Lake survey activity extended to the New York canal system by an appropriations act of March 4, 36 Stat. By Reorganization Plan No. Lake Survey Center abolished, June 30, Textual Records in Chicago, except as noted : Letters sent, ; , with indexes; Letters received, 64, with indexes. Name index to letters received, Monthly reports of personnel changes, Accounting records, , Catalog of lake survey charts, n. Historical files, Survey notebooks accompanying charts described below, in College Park.

Charts: Manuscript survey charts, 2, items. Published charts of Great Lakes harbors and coastlines, 4, items. Photographic Prints and Negatives: Mostly black and white and color views of miscellaneous Lake Survey subjects, ca. Glass Negatives: Techniques and equipment used in making water-level observations, LS, 21 images. Niagara Falls cataracts and rapids, showing comparative effects of flow volume, NSD, 54 images.

Lantern Slides: Portions of Niagara River, showing comparative effects of water diversion by power companies, , , BW, 36 images. Textual Records: Letters sent, , with index. Letters sent by survey chief Capt. George M. Wheeler, , with gaps; and survey surgeon and naturalist Harry Crecy Yarrow, Letters received, , with registers and digests, , , and an index, Issuances, Meteorological records, including general records, ; fieldbooks, ; and a register of general records and fieldbooks, Topographical records, including fieldbooks, ; triangulation records, ; and a register of fieldbooks, triangulation records, and preliminary plots, Astronomical fieldbooks, Reports on camps and distances of various features from camps, Records relating to the eastern boundary of California survey, , Miscellaneous records, Related Records: Wheeler Survey atlas described Under Geological Survey.

Records of a barge canal and highway survey in Nicaragua, authorized by an act of August 9, 53 Stat. Related Records: King Survey atlas described Under Textual Records: Letters sent, Letters received, Miscellaneous letters, reports, and instructions, Letters sent by the board president, , Letters sent relating to supplies and accounts, Letters received, , with partial register, General correspondence, , with record cards and index. Proceedings, , , Records relating to fortifications and defense "Safe File" , , Record of disbursements, Report, by board member Henry L.

Abbot, on experiments to develop a harbor mine system, December Textual Records in New York : Letters sent, Letters, reports, and records of hearings received, , , with register of letters received, General correspondence, , with indexes. Correspondence concerning estimates, allotments, and supplies, Proceedings, , Records concerning collisions, quarantines, hydroplane landings, and maps, Transcript of a hearing on construction of a trunk outlet sewer beneath the waters of Newark and New York Bays, December , Textual Records: Letters sent, July 7-December 30, , with index. Letters sent concerning examinations and surveys, , , with indexes. Miscellaneous letters sent, Endorsements relating to board reviews of district engineers' preliminary reports, Minutes, Monthly and annual reports, Project file, , containing reports and studies.

Miscellaneous records relating to flood control, Vouchers and receipts, , Maps and Charts: Published maps of ports and port facilities at Philadelphia and in the Great Lakes, and maps from studies of shipping, 10 items. Textual Records: Correspondence relating to payments resulting from claim settlements, Miscellaneous correspondence, Case file, Minutes of special meetings, Daily and weekly contract settlement reports, Copies of War Department Claims Board records, consisting of weekly contract settlement reports, , and board resolutions, Textual Records: General correspondence, Records relating to accounts "Accounts Current" , Textual Records: Beach erosion studies and reports, Correspondence and reports regarding riparian rights, storm damage, instruments, concrete, and hydrology, Records, Maps: Published maps from studies of strategically located beaches in Sicily, 35 items.

Records of the Examining Board of Engineers, , arranged according to a subject-numeric scheme. Miscellaneous records of the Examining Board of Engineers, Records of the Board on River and Harbor Improvements, , consisting of letters and reports sent to the Chief of Engineers, and miscellaneous records. Correspondence and other records of the Board of Engineers for the Pacific Coast, Field survey notebooks and computation books of the Board of Engineers on Deep Waterways, Correspondence of the Board on Engineer Equipment relating to searchlight research and development, Reports of the Board of Flood Control concerning various projects, History: Established by an act of June 28, 21 Stat.

Members, appointed by the President, to consist of three Corps of Engineers officers, one of whom would serve as MRC president; one official of the Coast and Geodetic Survey; and two private citizens, one of whom would be a civil engineer. Headquarters office located, , wherever MRC president was stationed usually in St. Louis, MO ; in St. Louis, ; and in Vicksburg, MS, MRC functioned independently of the divisions and districts of the Engineer Department, , establishing its own administrative districts, Pursuant to a reorganization of the Engineer Department effected by General Order 15, OCE, October 7, , MRC districts were abolished, with MRC-planned projects thenceforth executed by organizations within the regular division and district structure.

Textual Records in Kansas City, except as noted : Letters sent, , , with indexes. Letters received, , with partial indexes, , , General correspondence, , some with record cards. Field survey notebooks accompanying maps and charts described below, in College Park , including some maintained by U. Lake Survey engineers assigned to the Mississippi River, Organization planning records, Operating program progress files, Publications record set, Maps and Charts: Manuscript sectional charts of Mississippi River surveys, 1, items. Published general and sectional charts of the Mississippi River and its tributaries and deltas, 2, items , showing alluvial areas, changes in stream channels between and , soundings, aids and dangers to navigation, and settlements along the shores.

Thomas H. Lower Mississippi Valley Division thenceforth acted as supervising office for MRC-planned projects, with the division's districts carrying out the actual works. Textual Records in Kansas City : General correspondence, 42, consisting of records created by the MRC, , to which have been added records created by the combined jurisdiction of the MRC and the Lower Mississippi Valley Division, ; with record cards. History: Pursuant to an act of August 2, 22 Stat. Textual Records in Atlanta : Letters sent, , , Registers of letters received, Annual reports of MRC districts, , with gaps. Miscellaneous financial and other records, Textual Records in Kansas City : General correspondence, Navigable waterway files, Maps and Charts: Large-scale published and blueprint maps of the Missouri River, , showing the channel, aids and dangers to navigation, and soundings, as well as vegetation, crops, roads, and railroads on adjacent shores items.

Index map of the Missouri River, 1 item. Textual Records in San Francisco : General records, Subject files, Commingled general files of the CDC and the Sacramento District, arranged alpha-numerically, , and according to a decimal scheme, Textual Records in New York : Letters sent, , with index. Letters sent by Maj. George L. Gillespie, member of the Lighthouse Board, , with index. Textual Records in New York, except as noted : Letters sent, , with index. Project files relating to civil works in Puerto Rico, in Atlanta. Letters and endorsements sent relating to Norfolk, VA, District activities, Publications record sets, Reports and studies, , mostly relating to electric power surveys and Connecticut River flood control projects. Construction project files, Program, operations, and progress reports, Correspondence, reports, and other records relating to hurricanes that struck the lower New England States , Cooper, ; decimal correspondence, ; cost estimates, ; field notebooks, ; news clippings, ; studies relating to salt water corrosion, ; and reports, , including reports made to the International Passamaquoddy Engineering Board, New York oil and gas fields and gas transmission lines, 1 item.

PTPP plans of dams, locks, power houses, and buildings for project employees "Quoddy Village" , 1, items. Civil works construction projects, including flood control systems, airports, and veterans' hospitals, 12, images. Textual Records in Atlanta : Organization planning files, Operating program files, Currently functions as a specialized entity of the Corps of Engineers, without geographic boundaries or subordinate districts. Is engaged with highly technical programs requiring centralized management, including the design, construction, and equipping of plants to demilitarize the nation's stockpile of chemical weapons.

Textual Records in Atlanta : General orders, Operating program progress reports, Organization planning files, Textual Records in Chicago : Letters and endorsements sent, Registers of letters received, ; and letters received relating to the Fox River, WI, Correspondence, reports, and other records relating to an investigation of water diversion from the Great Lakes and the Niagara River, NY, Correspondence and statistical reports concerning a Niagara Falls Power Administration survey of electric power users, Records concerning an electric power survey, , including copies of related Federal Power Commission records. Textual Records in Chicago : Records, Navigable water way files, Architectural and Engineering Plans in Chicago : Blueprints of various construction projects connected with the Ohio River lock and dam system, items.

Textual Records in Chicago : Correspondence and other records concerning Corps of Engineers projects carried out in collaboration with the Public Works Administration and the Works Progress Administration, Correspondence, reports, and studies relating to a proposed canal connecting Lake Erie and the Ohio River, Work plans for watershed projects, with related correspondence, General orders, Investigation project files, Congressional budget justifications, Records relating to real estate acquisition and disposal, Monthly statistical reports of Ohio River cargo and passenger traffic, Field survey notebooks for Kentucky rivers, , and Ohio rivers, Operating reports, Correspondence and other records relating to personnel, Maps and Charts: Ohio River surveys, harbor lines, and channel maps, items.

Ohio River locks and dams location maps, special surveys, river profiles, and cross sections, 80 items. Kentucky River, 1 item. Newport Military Barracks, KY, 2 items. Cairo, IL, 2 items. Division and district boundaries, 1 item. Ohio River basin reservoirs and stream gauging stations, 4 items. Ohio River locks and dams, items. Textual Records in Kansas City : Correspondence relating to organization planning, flood control, repairs, and salaries, Records concerning improvements of Mississippi River tributaries, Reports and other records concerning the Mississippi River and its channel at St.

Paul, MN, ca. Louis, MO. Textual Records: Civil works construction project files, including correspondence, reports, and interfiled engineering maps and plans, in Chicago. Partial decimal file containing correspondence relating to conferences, aids to navigation, leases, and levees, in Kansas City. Correspondence and reports concerning budgetary matters, in Kansas City. Structural permit files, including applications, records of hearings, and interfiled engineering maps and plans, in Chicago. Reports and studies relating to civil works in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, in Chicago. Records relating to personnel, in Kansas City. Records, in Kansas City. Maps and Charts: Lock and dam no. Middle and upper Mississippi River navigation charts, 62 items.

Architectural and Engineering Plans: Mississippi River lock and dam no. Lock keeper's dwelling, 1 item. Photographic Prints in Kansas City : From civil works construction project files, 71 images. History: See Textual Records in Atlanta : Issuances, , Records concerning flood control, Records relating to boards of consulting engineers, Civil works project files, Survey report files, Civil works project files, ca. Design computation file, Tests and investigations files, , Files containing hydraulic and hydrological data, Project files concerning investigations, Field notebooks, Organization planning files, , Post action reporting files, Maps: Missouri River basin landforms, conservation areas, and weather and stream gauging stations, 3 items.

Aerial Photographs in Kansas City : From civil works project files, ca. Correspondence, reports, studies, and other records relating to waterways "Engineering Files" , Civil works project files, including reports and studies on waterways, ; and natural resources conservation files, Records containing geological and soil data, including general files, ; and airfield runway evaluations, Records relating to reservoir sedimentation, Administrative records, Survey reports, Textual Records in Seattle : Letters and endorsements sent, General correspondence, Miscellaneous reports, Structural permit files, Management improvement projects, Comprehensive reports and studies, Operating procedures file, Mobilization planning files, Textual Records in San Francisco : Partial decimal correspondence file, , containing correspondence relating to organization, personnel, duties, and professional library.

Letters sent by Col. George H. Mendell, Division Engineer, Correspondence relating to the Yosemite National Park Commission, Textual Records in San Francisco : General administrative files, , including records of the Pacific Division, ca. Administrative files, Military project construction files, Test files of the Engineering Branch of the division laboratory, Textual Records in San Francisco : Civil works project files, Civil works survey files, Textual Records in Anchorage : General administrative files, Civil works project files, , Installation historical files, ca.

Management survey files, ca. Operating program files, , , and progress reports, Organization planning files, , , , Organization plans, ca. Progress analysis files, Issuances, , Architectural and Engineering Plans in Anchorage : Installations, ca. Textual Records in Denver : Decimal correspondence, Field survey notebooks, General records, including correspondence, circulars, and reports, Flood forecast, Pueblo, CO, ca. Conchas Dam, NM, 10 items. Recreational facilities, Cochiti Lake, NM, ca. Textual Records in Philadelphia : Records of the District Office, including letters sent and received, , , with partial index, ; telegrams sent, ; letters sent relating to rivers and harbors, , fortifications, , and administrative matters, ; correspondence and other records concerning Works Progress Administration projects, ; civil works project files, ; reports on waterway and fortification improvements, ; historical records, ; fiscal records, ; property and equipment records, ; records relating to personnel, ; and records, Records of the Wilmington, DE, Engineer Office, consisting of letters sent relating to rivers and harbors, ; and letters received, Maps and Charts: Miscellaneous, ca.

Architectural and Engineering Plans: Plans, ca. Textual Records in Boston : Correspondence relating to fortifications, Textual Records in New York : Records of the District Office, including letters sent, , ; letters sent to the Chief of Engineers, ; letters sent concerning rivers and harbors, , bridges and obstructions, , examinations and surveys, , and administrative matters, ; letters sent, , by Col.

James Goold Warren, District Engineer ; letters received, ; letters received relating to rivers and harbors, ; letters received concerning Oswego, NY, and its fortifications, ; civil works project files, ; studies and reports relating to various projects, ; weekly reports on Lake Erie water levels, ; reports concerning water diversion and hydroelectric power, ; Niagara Falls, NY, field survey notebooks, ; histories of NY, PA, and OH rivers and harbors connected with the Great Lakes, n. Records of the Cleveland, OH, Engineer Office, consisting of general correspondence, ; civil works projects files, , ; letters sent relating to Fairport and Black River Harbors, ; and records of the Lake Erie-Lake Michigan waterway survey, , including field notebooks.

Joseph River on Lake Michigan, Maps and Charts: Electric power survey, Buffalo Zone, 1 item. Dunkirk Harbor, NY, survey, 1 item. Kennedy Space Center. Textual Records in Atlanta : Issuances, Quarterly progress reports, Records relating to the annual operating budget, Gillmore, Letters sent, , , with indexes. Letters sent relating to administrative matters, Letters received concerning rivers and harbors, ; fortifications, ; and administrative matters, Correspondence and reports concerning SC coastal defenses, Monthly operations reports, Reports concerning Charleston, SC, harbor improvement projects, Progress reports on various projects, Reports on storms, with related correspondence, Reports relating to money accounts and funding, ; and to personnel changes, Maps and Charts: Military posts and Charleston Harbor defenses, 20 items.

Yadkin and Pee Dee Rivers, 36 items. Reservoirs on the Wateree River, 49 items. Electric power survey, Southeastern Zone, 9 items. Textual Records in Chicago : Records of the District Office, including letters sent, ; letters sent by various engineer officers, ; letters sent regarding rivers and harbors, , and the Illinois and Mississippi Canal, ; letters received, ; letters received from the Chief of Engineers, ; subject correspondence, ; project files concerning rivers and harbors in IL and northern IN, 47; reports, studies, and surveys relating to proposed projects, ; field notebooks, ; records relating to appropriations and expenditures, ; administrative records, , including issuances and organization planning records; and records, Operating budget files, Operating program progress reports, , Operation and maintenance files, Management improvement project files, Conservation of natural resources files, Correspondence, reports, journals, and field notes of topographical engineers stationed at western posts and forts, Maps and Charts: Kankakee River, 3 items.

Illinois and Des Plaines Rivers, 4 items. The Illinois Waterway, 81 items. Portions of the Mississippi River from St. Improvements of the Illinois and Des Plaines Rivers, in album, images. Construction and use of the Illinois-Mississippi Canal, in albums, images. History: Established Redesignated First Cincinnati District, , and made responsible for Ohio River civil works, with newly established Second Cincinnati District assuming responsibility for civil works on Ohio River tributaries See Textual Records in Chicago : Records of the District Office, including correspondence, reports, and other records of Ohio River dam works at Grant, KY, and Florence, IN, ; logbooks, field notebooks, and other records concerning other Ohio River dams, ; and logs of boats passing through Ohio River locks, Maps: Cairo, IL, levee systems, 16 items.

Flood control projects, 1 item. Local flood protection and topography, 22 items. Dam sites, Scioto River watershed, 8 items. Reservoirs, 39 items. History: Established , to direct civil works on Ohio River tributaries, leaving original Cincinnati District, redesignated First Cincinnati District, with responsibility for civil works on Ohio River See Textual Records in Fort Worth : Civil works project construction files, Textual Records in Chicago : Records of the District Office, including letters sent by various engineer officers, ; letters and reports sent and received relating to projects, , examinations and surveys, , administrative matters, , and miscellaneous subjects, ; a subject file, ; construction works project files, ; reports of engineer officers, ; monthly operations reports, ; daily and monthly narrative accounts of operations at various project sites, ; field survey notebooks, ; miscellaneous financial records, ; and records, Records of the Sault Ste.

Marys Falls ship canals. Maps and Charts: Electric power survey, Detroit Zone, 1 item. Reno Beach, OH, flood protection, 4 items. Channel improvement, Red Run, MI, 1 item. Engineering Plans: Poe Lock gate engines, St. Marys Falls Canal, 3 items. Marie, MI, 15 images. Records, in Chicago. Textual Records: Project file, Progress and production reports, Geological reports on projects in Canadian river and basin areas, Maps: Canol Project, items , including general maps of the Norman Wells oil producing area in Canada; geological surveys; and site plans in Alaska and Canada for camps, airfields, oil refineries, and pump houses.

Transportation and defense construction in Alaska and Canada, including the Alcan Highway, 3 items. Gas, oil, and coal fields and facilities in western Asia, 4 items. Architectural Plans: Canol Project installations, 70 items. Civil works project construction and contract files, Textual Records in Fort Worth : Records of the District Office, consisting of general correspondence "TAFFS" arrangement , 64; administrative records, ; issuances, ; civil works project files, ; military construction files, 68; survey report files, ; project files containing economic data, , topographical data, , climatological data, , and geological, soil, and hydrological data, ; field survey notebooks, ; records concerning the work of the U.

River Basin Study Commission, ; a real estate acquisition and disposal file, ; a cost accounting file, ; operating budget files, ; and records, Aerial Photographic Prints: Waterways, dam sites, and major flood areas within the district, 64, items. Lyndon B. Aerial Photographic Negatives: Rivers, lakes, and reservoirs within the district, 21, items. Textual Records in Fort Worth : Decimal correspondence, Selected project files, Navigable waterways files, Examination and survey files, Files containing hydrological and hydraulic data, ; and geological and soil data, Soils laboratory reports, Real estate acquisition and disposal files, Harbor line approval files, Operating budget files, , Architectural and Engineering Plans in Fort Worth : Various civil construction projects, 1, items.

Textual Records in Denver : Civil works project construction files, Textual Records in San Francisco : General administrative files, General records relating to Hawaiian harbors, General files, Civil works and military construction final reports, Records relating to rivers and harbors of Midway and Wake Islands, Textual Records in Philadelphia, except as noted : Records of the District Office, including decimal correspondence, ; correspondence concerning engineering projects funded by the National Industrial Recovery Act and the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of , ; correspondence relating to river and harbor projects, , navigable waterways, , real estate management, , site appraisals, , construction, , and permits, ; civil works project files, ; issuances, ; annual and other reports, ; files containing geological and soil data, ; field notebooks, ; daily temperature and weather reports, prepared for the U.

Weather Bureau station in Ashland, KY, ; records relating to budgets, , fiscal accounting, , and organization planning, ; and records, Records in Chicago of the Zanesville, OH, Engineer Office District Office, , consisting of correspondence, ; and records concerning construction of dams and reservoirs in the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, Environmental analysis of reservoirs on Little Kanawha River, 56 items. Local flood protection in OH and WV towns, 14 items. Records of the Tampa, FL, Engineer Office, consisting of letters sent and received, ; reports on seacoast defenses, ; and field survey notes, Records of the engineer post at Fort Taylor, Key West, FL, including letters sent and received, ; letters received concerning sunken vessels, ; monthly reports, ; and miscellaneous financial records, Navigable waterway records, Maps and Charts: Compiled by the District Office, showing flood control projects in central and southern Florida, 7 items , jetties at St.

John's River Bar, FL, 9 items , and military posts, 22 items ; and, on mechanical instrument recording strips, rain runoff levels around Lake Okeechobee, FL, items, in Atlanta. General operations and maintenance files, Operations and maintenance files of the Hydrology Section, Studies relating to flood plain management, Flood control project files, Records relating to storm studies, , Investigative project files, Navigable waterway files, , Survey report files of the Field Engineering Division, Records of the Water Control Section, consisting of navigation studies, ; and files containing hydrological and hydraulic data, Management improvement files, , Maps: Missouri River flood plain, items.

Missouri River aerial photographic survey control, 41 39 items. Yellowstone River irrigation projects, 4 items. Military post field surveys, items. Recreational facilities, 3 items. Louis, MO, , with partial line plot indexes 6, items. Photographic Prints in Kansas City : From civil works project files, images. Textual Records in Fort Worth : Subject correspondence, Decimal correspondence, Military works project files, Examination and survey report files, Reports and studies on projects and surveys, Files containing topographical data, ; geological and soil data, ; climatological data, ; hydrological data, ; and economic data, Records concerning management, consisting of studies and related records, ; and case files, Reservoirs in Arkansas, 41 items.

Decimal correspondence "General Administrative Files" , Records relating to engineering projects accomplished under various federal and state public works and emergency relief agencies "Work Program Project Records" , Project operation manuals and regulations, Civil works project files, ; specification files, ; Edwards AFB project specifications, ; and map indexes, Records relating to military works, consisting of project files, ; survey books, ; and logs, Records of projects affecting mineral resources, Survey reports, with related records, Flood plain information reports and brochures, Monthly reports on rivers and harbors, Monthly and annual reports on fortifications, Beach erosion studies and reports, Records relating to the acquisition and disposal of property "Realty Historical Files" , Records concerning management surveys,

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