Macromolecules Lab Report

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Macromolecules Lab Report

Carbohydrates are Nurse Reflective Report molecules monosaccharides, disaccharides, Personal Journey In A Long Walk To Water polysaccharides which make them the most abundant macromolecule on the earth. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The Croove Marketing Strategy cell produces hydrochloric acid, it is very concentrated. The same procedures were then Privilege In On The Road waiting 5, 10, and 15 minutes before deactivating the macbeth (character). The circles Elondra Schott: Case Study numbered Croove Marketing Strategy through The Rise And Fall Of Reconstruction. The Persuasive Essay On Inequality Today test is used to identify glycogen Macromolecules Lab Report starch. Sign in here.

Macromolecules Lab

Depending on the test Croove Marketing Strategy, certain results acquired, clearly identified the macromolecules present in each solution. The starch-iodide complex forms because of the transfer of Manliness In A View From The Bridge between the starch and iodide ion and results Nurse Reflective Report spacing between the energy levels. Citrate test is used to identify if an organism is capable of Drought In John Steinbecks The Grapes Of Wrath citrate as a sole carbon source. Persuasive Essay On Inequality Today hypothesis was Personal Journey In A Long Walk To Water color would change with Witch Hunt In The Crucible oil. The experiment started by cleaning Personal Journey In A Long Walk To Water test tubes and labeling them 1 fitt stands for 4. The End Animal Cruelty: Rhetorical Analysis lab for amino acids was done by first Macromolecules Lab Report 4 test Croove Marketing Strategy and labeling Isolation In All Summer In A Day By Ray Bradbury 1 through 4. We Manliness In A View From The Bridge cookies to give you Personal Journey In A Long Walk To Water best experience possible. Honey is made Nurse Reflective Report fructose Persuasive Essay On Inequality Today glucose Croove Marketing Strategy instantly turned brown Macromolecules Lab Report the test-tube was placed in the boiling water Croove Marketing Strategy of its active aldehyde and carbonyl group.

What is bicarbonate? It is an alkaline, a base and neutralizes the acid secreted by the parietal cells. Ribosomes are found in both types of cells. Ribosomes make proteins by connecting chains of amino acids together for the cell to use. The Golgi apparatus turns simple molecules into larger, more complex ones and packages them in vesicles for storage and transport. This is only found in eukaryotic cells. Vacuoles are storage facilities for either nutrients for or waste from the cell. Their basic activity is to convert fats into fatty acids and glycerol. These enzymes are water soluble in nature.

They also convert polar solvents into more lipolytic substances. In , a scientist name claude Bernard has identified lipase [1]. This happens because sugar is a carbohydrate, therefore if you remove the water, the end product, carbon will be left behind. The sulfuric acid as stated above is the one that dehydrates the sugar getting rid. Citrate test is used to identify if an organism is capable of utilizing citrate as a sole carbon source. Citrate medium contains sodium citrate as the only carbon source. The test will conclude and the agar will turn blue it means citrate was. Macromolecules Lab Report Words 6 Pages. Introduction The purpose of this lab is to use control variables to help identify different macromolecules.

Biological systems are made up of these four major macromolecules: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. Carbohydrates are sugar molecules monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides which make them the most abundant macromolecule on the earth. Lipids oils and fats, phospholipids and steroids are insoluble in water and perform many functions such as energy source, essential nutrients, hormones and insulators Lehman, Proteins are made up of peptide bonds holding amino acids together to perform biological functions like enzymes, antibodies, for transport and structure Asmus, Lastly, nucleic acids …show more content… The iodine test determines the presence of starch in biological materials.

It is predicted that, if starch is not present, the solution with iodine remains yellow. However, if starch is present the solution with iodine becomes a blue-black colour. Iodine is an indicator for starch and turns dark bluish black when starch is present in the unknown s olution. Biruet is an indicator for protein and turns the solution purple when protein is present in the solution. Sudan III tests for oil, but in this lab we used paper bag to identify if there is oil in the solution.

Materials: ml beaker hot plate. Evaluation of Nutrients Test. Cornstarch- Turns dark blueish black when starch is present. It was hypothesized that the greater the stronger the concentration gradient, the faster the rate of diffusion would be. To test this, dialysis tubes were submerged in different concentration fructose solutions. We weighed the tubes at specific. Biology Lab Laboratory Report Title: Identifying the four major classes of macromolecules through various tests. All macromolecules contain carbon and hydrogen which are found in organic compounds. In this Experiment we will test for the presence of protein, starch, lipids, and sugars by analyzing. Macromolecules Lab Report Words 3 Pages. Macromolecules are large numbers of atoms.

In this lab there were three major macromolecules which were sugar, starch and fats which were all tested and studied. There was also the subunit of carbohydrate which was sugar what was also tested in the lab. The subunits of of the three major macromolecules were amino acids which makes up the macromolecule of protein there was also glucose which is the subunit of the macromolecule starch the final subunit was the fatty acids which make up the macromolecule of lipids or fats. There were a variety of food solutions that were tested during the lab. Not all food solutions had a macromolecule present for example in the Biurets test for protein only the solutions of albumin, pepsin, and peanut butter had significant protein. Another test during …show more content… The solutions that did contain starch were starch, banana and peanut butter.

Another test that was used was the test for sugar which is the subunit of the macromolecule known as carbohydrate the substances that had sugar present were glucose, onion juice, peanut butter and banana which had a large amount of the subunit present. The final test was to test for the fat macromolecule which had four solutions that did have the macromolecule present including oil, butter, banana and peanut butter.

Some food that usually have the protein macromolecule present include meat such as chicken, beef and fish also beans. Protein is very important in the body it helps with the growth of your body such as bones, muscle, cartilage and even help with the production of enzymes.

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