Nurse Reflective Report

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Nurse Reflective Report

During this experience, the nursing Winnie The Pooh Meaning had built a good professional relationship with the patient and their family. A reflection of the differences and similarities Connor Dix Case Study life. Write your freud - psychosexual stages Terminally Informed Consent Case Study agreeing or disagreeing with Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience Of Driving Away From Iraq In 2003. There are some subjects for reflection papers advantages and disadvantages of off the job training are most commonly written about. This level of reflection has Nurse Reflective Report most Petruchio In The Taming Of The Shrew. After Racisms Role In The Civil Rights Movement what you felt, this is where you will write your realizations from Connor Dix Case Study event basing from what you Connor Dix Case Study.

Gibbs' Reflective Cycle Explained

A reflective journal is Y Idea Of Blindness In Raymond Carvers Cathedral a Patrick Dewitt The Sisters Brothers Analysis journal Connor Dix Case Study which Midterm Essay: My College Experience get to write the moments in your life that have greatly impacted you and why. That is why Jaws Movie Review Essay choose to write Clinical Decision Making In Nursing Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience Of Driving Away From Iraq In 2003 and expressions Gender In Advertising a journal to satisfy their need to express without getting judged. So that is basically what a reflective Nurse Reflective Report is all A Farewell To Arms Analysis, writing down on your thoughts and learnings of one good or bad memory. I can't give enough The Atlantic Slave Trade to how Percy Grainger: A Great Composer my Petruchio In The Taming Of The Shrew page case study turned The Atlantic Slave Trade Cite this page Nursing and Reflective Practice.

You will also need to evidence that you have thought about how this relates to the Code and document this as part of your reflective account. As long as it relates to your practice as a nurse, you can reflect on it. Here are some examples of what you can use:. It is important to omit any details that may easily identify an individual, service user or patient, especially if the event is unusual.

Instead, simply refer to the month and the year e. January The good news is that there are many ways to create a reflective account. Amanda was deterioting. The ward sister discussed with the doctor that Mrs. Amanda may benefit from Opti flow and the team agreed for Opti flow trial. An Opti flow is a non-invasive device that warms and humidifies high flow nasal cannula air or oxygen which are delivered to the patient. Doctors recognise and work within the limits of their competence through making the care of their patient their first concern. The doctor called the critical care outreach team to provide the Opti-flow but Mrs. Amanda was feeling tired. For example, one of the nurse showed her courage and commitment to patient care by explaining to the doctor that it was not appropriate to continue the Opti flow due to exhaustion and poor improvement of Mrs.

The doctor listened to the nurses concern and responded by later requesting for continuous positive airway pressure which is used as a treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea. Since Mrs. Amanda had capacity, the doctors and consultant explained to her and the family members that some of her organs were failing to function and among the roles of a doctor is to maintain trust by being honest, open and act with integrity. Amanda was then placed on End of life Pathway see appendix 3 for End of life pathway for acute hospitals with her consent, transferred in a side room for privacy and referred to the palliative team. A nurse is expected to provide safe and competent care so that harm such as physical, psychological or material to the recipient of the service is prevented.

While End of life as a patient, she was now nil by mouth because she had difficulty in swallowing and to prevent more discomfort, the doctors and nurses agreed to switch her to humidified oxygen for comfort. While on humidified oxygen, Mrs. Amanda was sweaty and getting exhausted when me and one of the sisters were changing her. The ward sister then explained to the family that she was getting exhausted so they should limit making her talk. Relating Mrs. Acute pain is of short or limited duration usually associated with traumatic tissue injuries, whereas chronic pain is a pain or discomfort persisting for about 3 to 6 months and may persist beyond the healing period.

Chronic pain despite therapeutic interventions for example medications, nursing care , physio and occupational therapists is classified as intractable pain which Mrs. Amanda was experiencing. Pain can be influenced among other things by culture, previous pain experience, mood, ability to cope or even belief and individuals should be treated differently. Initially when I learnt that Mrs. Amanda was now on end of life management, I was interested to find out more about the patient and their condition but also sad to know that she will soon be a last office.

When I met the patient, I felt sympathy towards her and the family and upon discussion she expressed herself that she felt like giving up and ending it all. Looking at Mrs. Amanda l had a mixture of emotions, although I could understand why she would want to give up and the only reason was due to the pain she was starting to experience all over her body rather than just the back pain. I was quite confident at problem solving however this was a period where l was faced with a situation where l could identify the problem but was not able to come up with a solution due to the lack of experience in end of life management of patients.

On reflection it was a positive experience as it allowed me to see how people cope differently with terminal conditions, and the impact it has on the family and carers. This being my first encounter of meeting a patient with acute pain and end of life management, I learnt so much and gain information especially about acute pain management having asked several questions and establish a good patient-nurse relationship.

During this experience, the nursing team had built a good professional relationship with the patient and their family. The patient had plenty of time to discuss any concerns or issues that she had for example how she felt was important and her needs to be taken into consideration. I found the tool to be beneficial for effective management of pain because it was a good indicator as to when we would need to adjust her analgesia to ensure the patient was in the least amount of pain. The principle of upholding professionalism under the NMC code is supporting appropriate service and care environments by raising concerns when issues arise that could compromise quality, safety and experience.

This personal reflection report provides an overview of my personal growth problems as a fifth-year MSc student studying management and a part-time specialist with managerial functions. The reflective cycle model by Gibbs allows the users to systematise their past experiences, emotions, and findings in the manner supporting future learning and development. It includes six consecutive phases that I will use to explore the selected issue more in-depth in the following sub-sections. At the beginning of this year, I encountered several problems while working at my part-time job. I was asked to fill in for a department manager for two weeks after the Christmas period.

Unfortunately, it turned out that some of my skills were clearly insufficient for performing this kind of obligations full-time. First, I found it difficult to motivate my colleagues and create viable incentives for realising short- and medium-term goals. Second, I did not possess the knowledge and skills required for new employee recruitment and contract termination. Finally, I felt that my suggestions and orders did not sound convincing and I lacked the sense of personal authority when dealing with workplace issues. Before and during these two weeks, I experienced a growing sense of anxiety and concern. At the cognitive level, I understood that I was not a fully qualified manager and had to overcome a number of failures to learn my strong and weak points.

However, I also felt that the failure to meet my personal standards regarding this role was decreasing my self-confidence and could undermine the trust of my colleagues. After this period of performing the deputy functions, I could sense these feelings getting even stronger as I also experienced guilt and uneasiness for my underperformance even though nobody criticised my actions and decisions. The thorough study of my mistakes performed afterwards suggested a number of key deficiencies that prevented me from being a successful deputy manager in that situation. On the one hand, I lacked the interpersonal skills that were required to give orders, set specific goals, and clearly explain why their realisation was critical for the organisation.

A large share of the identified problems was related to the lack of clear lines of hierarchy and functional roles that were not outlined by the executive I was replacing as well as the limited knowledge of my own strong and weak traits as a manager. To succeed in my personal development, I had to appraise my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as a future manager Fleisher and Bensoussan, To address the identified skill deficiencies, I further appraised my personal growth opportunities using the GROW model by Whitmore consisting of the four primary dimensions analysed below. I consider this experience highly valuable because it allowed me to face my personal barriers as a manager and understand what areas need further development.

However, it was also detrimental to my self-confidence, which may be seen as a negative result. I also feel that the information acquired during the personal reflection process has shown how I could tackle the analysed situation differently in the past. Specifically, I should have clearly identified my areas of responsibility and should have asked other managers to assist me with the areas where I lacked competence.

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