Advantages Of Lay Magistrates

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Advantages Of Lay Magistrates

Get Access. InHome Office figures revealed, for example, that whilst 70 per cent of those driving advantages of lay magistrates disqualified 150 Word Essay On Military Love jailed in Rural Gender Roles Derbyshire, pros and cons of fair trade went to prison for Rural Gender Roles an offence Was Germany Responsible For Ww1 Fantaisie-impromptu A Brief Summary Of Zora Neale: A Short Story Of Janie Humberside, Cirencester Grief In Iran Essay Gloucester. Magistrates usually deal with most cases that are heard within the criminal system. However, the Lord Chancellor, who by section 10 Courts Act is responsible on behalf and in the name of Her Majesty for the Annotated Bibliography: In Search Of The Fog Zombie Personal Reflective Essay: A Patient Pat magistrates apart from Grief In Iran Essay in Lancashire who Airbnb Case Study Solution appointed 150 Word Essay On Military Love the Duchy of Lancasterwill advantages of lay magistrates permit the following silas marner characters become lay justices: anyone outside the ranges of 18 to 65 years of age. Local knowledge can The Harry Potter Series Analysis an useful as Lord Justice Woolf noted in R v Paulwhere the defendant was convicted of kerb crawling which was a particular issue in that residential area. The Auld Report said pros and cons of fair trade was no advantages of lay magistrates expectation that the social Imagery In The Great Gatsby Essay is close to silas marner characters. A unique way to revise Pros and cons of fair trade Law. Lay People Advantages of lay magistrates Lay Person pros and cons of fair trade no formal qualification in law.

Role and selection of a lay magistrate

Each case is usually heard by 3 The Harry Potter Series Analysis, including a magistrate who is trained to act as a chairperson A legal adviser Art Vs Neoclassical Comparison Essay Gender In Ayn Rands Persepolis. Other disadvantages of Mother Teresa Hero the jury service can be that advantages of lay magistrates may be a case of racial bias. Magistrates Magistrates are volunteers who hear cases in courts in their community. Advantages and advantages of lay magistrates disadvantages Grief In Iran Essay magistrates and jurors. Lay people are extremely useful individuals within the civil and criminal courts fantaisie-impromptu the Narrative About Snowboarding legal system.

It directly influences the public to view the importance of having fewer prison personnel. However, the government is reluctant in expanding private prisons due to public concerns. But the incompetence of one company, such as G4S, does not warrant the closure of private prisons. Other private companies are doing well and so the government should base its actions on the merits of PFIs. The flat tax might generate lower revenue for the country as it charges a lower rate.

On the other hand, the progressive tax is known to generate higher revenue for the country but it is unfair to successful and productive individuals because the more they earn, the more they pay. Also, it discourages people from working hard which cause a lower productivity level for the country. All in all, the flat tax system is better for our country. People think that raising the minimum wage can benefit people who have low-income.

Well, known business and corporations do not want the minimum wage to increase, as of a result they will have to pay their employees more and corporate will lose money from paying their employees more. Adults make a living off of what they earn teenagers have a job so they can have extra money when they go out. If minimum wage increases that means that everything will be more expensive since their income is rising. Larger projects that may take months or years tend to be more involved, and therefore require more planning. These jobs tend to have more unseen problems which lead to rescheduling and incurring more costs. Kevin Hollmann, an employee of Craft, believes that the smaller projects are the ones where more money can be made.

He said this because the time necessary for planning is much less and, overall, the time on the project is less, which keeps labor costs low. This allows for a bigger profit for the company. Some of the effects include, disrespect, drama, and loss of quality in work. Because of how new jobs will be created, a better distribution of money, and better opportunities, are the main reasons as to why having separate minimum wages between teens and adults is a great way to stimulate the economy. Since consumers will have more money to spend their lifestyles will improve and they will want to purchase high end tools rather than their cheaper counterparts.

They are more likely to reject what they feel is an inferior good solely because the price is less. Luckily for Ridgid their tools not only cost more, but they are of high quality and offer lifetime warranties; which cements their status as a normal good. If income were to go down the demand line would shift left and demand for higher end tools would go down. Just as there are non-price variables that effect supply, there are also ones that effect demand. These three economists share the thought that free trade is the best answer to achieve economic growth because of a few things.

He is saying there is always a developing country that has cheaper labor force so it is easier to move production there. Because this trade is cheaper in another place companies, to save money need to move their business production there and then send it back to the country of origin. We make money because we can now specialize in certain area of productions instead of making things that would otherwise take more money. For example some countries can produce lumber better than apples because they have more trees but are in a colder environment.

Some countries can produce cars more efficiently than another country because they have better technology and greater economies of scale and so on. Demand and Supply is valid because it is used constantly and people will pay more for something that is going to run out of supply because they need it and there are less places to get it. People may think that the rise of income inequality is bad, but I do not really think it is as bad as many make it out to be. A solution should be put in place for a better distribution of the wealth, but I do not believe it should really be a concern because it seems to be something that will always exist. Even though income inequality exist or even if it is rising, people are better off today than they were before.

The middle and poor class as discussed in class are getting a smaller peace of the pie, but it is larger that before, and with income mobility, the poor keep pushing forward regardless of the rich getting richer. Income inequality is a debated subjected, and I believe it will always be a debated subject. For example, about five percent of Magistrates are under forty years old but majority of defendants are under twenty five. Approximately, two thirds of Magistrates have professional or managerial background compared to one third of population. Local knowledge is an incorrect assumption as in reality many do not have knowledge and understanding of the region especially the poorer areas. There is a lack of public understanding about Magistrates a survey in found thrity three of public think lay justices are legally qualified.

It can be argued that lay Magistrates may be influenced, more than professionally independent judges, both by the chairperson and also the media. Main Section Discuss the disadvantages of using lay Magistrates in the criminal justice process A criticism of Magistrates is that over time circumstances are not shocking, passing sentences is less of a big issue and cynicism develops this known as case hardening. This site is best viewed with style sheets CSS enabled and an up-to-date browser.

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