American Splendor Psychological Analysis

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American Splendor Psychological Analysis

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People who suffer from Bipolar Disorder have depression and manias that strengthen their constant irritation and feelings of sadness and boredom. However, there are two main symptoms that differ bipolar from other mental disorders, which are mania and depression this may be supplemented by such steps as hallucinations and delusions. Frequently the patient feels that he cannot in any way affect the situation. However, the patient has bouts of mania, in which they do not realize their impulsive actions have a negative impact on their life.

Anger at an ex, at God, at the world, at people, and at problems that has happened in the past. Have you ever beat yourselves up because you are not doing as good as others are? And one more question, what is depression? Depression is a common mental disorder,. In , a German psychiatrist, Emil Kraepelin, described the confusion with the side effects and named this disorder in the Latin expression, dementia praecox.

Later in , Bleuler, a Swiss psychiatrist and eugenicist, initially named the expression "Schizophrenia" Schizophrenia comes from the mix of the Greek words for split skhizein and brain phren. Schizophrenia is a disorder which is severe and chronic and disables the brain. It is most commonly described as a psychosis which is a type of illness that causes mental disturbances that affect thoughts, emotions, and actions. In America, schizophrenia affects one percent of the population from any gender, race, and cultural group. Depression is not only a single disorder; it has an inclusive amount of clinical concepts including mild mood disturbance which can occur in an anxious person to many lethal medical illnesses.

Nonetheless, disorders including psychotic depression, unipolar or other mood disorders would be referred to as clinical depression Heap This study will be looking at all the different types as a. Depression is a condition of low disposition and aversion to action that can influence someone 's contemplations, conduct, emotions and sense of well-being Salmans, Sandra, People with depression can feel very sad, restless, sad, defenseless, useless, guilty. They might lose enthusiasm for activities that were once pleasurable, experience problems with the way they eat, for example they may experience overeating or decreased appetite.

People with depressed mood may also have issues with their concentration, they may face problem on recalling details or deciding about something, and might think about, endeavor or commit suicide Schmidt, Peter, There are many different reasons why someone may suffer from depression. Mental distress lies at the heart of counselling, psychotherapy and counselling psychology. Psychopathology derives from two Greek words psych meaning soul and pathos which means suffering.

In summary psychopathology is the origin of mental disorder it is the development and the symptoms associated to mental disorders. The discussion aims to present a psychological perspective on mental disorders. It is important to note that this disorder comes in many shapes and forms. There are different types of depression which have unique symptoms, causes and effects. These are the most common positive effects Freye, The negative effects of MDMA use in psychotherapy include: enhanced anxiety, amnesia, frequent panic attacks, depression, mania excessive excitation , suicide, insomnia, nightmares, depersonalization when a person feels oneself unreal , derealization when the surroundings seem unreal , hallucinations, flashbacks, post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD , paranoia and other persistent false states, automatic or repetitive behavior, dissociative disorders, irritability and aggression with mood changes, and increased risk of problems with other drugs.

There have been identified several MDMA effects on brain chemistry which may improve the psychotherapeutic process. It increases levels of oxytocin, the hormone in the brain that acts as a neurotransmitter. Increased neurotransmitter activity also takes place due to the release of norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. The nine theoretical perspectives of deviance discussed are the demonic perspective deviance rooted in realm of the supernatural ; the classical perspective deviance as rational hedonism ; the pathological perspective deviance as sickness ; the social disorganization perspective rapid change and normative breakdown ; the functionalist perspective deviance as beneficial or positive ; the anomie perspective normlessness and inequality ; the learning perspective acquiring deviance in association with others ; the societal reaction perspective social construction of deviance ; and critical perspectives.

These theoretical perspectives provide insight to understanding, explaining and dealing with acts of deviance Pfohl, The social disorganization perspective, the classical perspective, and the learning perspective will all three be utilized in the analysis, including components and limitations of. In the case of Ms. Tyler, she appears to be experiencing the presence of delusions. Delusional disorder of the persecutory type is a psychiatric condition in which the patients experience delusions with thought and mood disorder. Delusions can also be experienced by a person with dementia or schizophrenia.

The Brown Assessment of Beliefs Scale is a good assessment tool to measure delusionality Phillips, Because delusions can be experienced by individuals with PTSD, additional screens may be helpful in Ms. Demographic Performa Sheet 3. It is specially designed in such a-way that it is highly sensitive to the changes in depression that may be more severe over time. Schizophrenia is defined as "a severe mental disorder, characterized by profound disruptions in thinking, affecting language, perception, and the sense of self" in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM Schizophrenic patients show symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations and disorganized speech and behavior.

Schizophrenia is believed to be caused by various factor from different approaches in psychology. The biological approach or also referred to as the medical model emphasizes that abnormal behavior is caused by physiological underlying factors, which led to the creation of drugs for treatment. The biological approach is diverse from other psychological approaches but it is highly accepted as the biological factors and processes are backed up by empirical evidence such as twin studies, animal and human trials, and scans. The treatment method take a multi-progned approach by treating your mental health disorders and your drug addiction at the same time.

Remember that drug addiction may worsen your mental health, which makes treating them at the. Varying on what level of depression one has and the severity of it, treatment may include prescription antidepressants or psychotherapy. There is a large controversy as to whether one should prescribe antidepressants or not. Some say it will improve the quality of life and others say it will lead to thoughts of suicide for those who suffer mental depression. The last theory of depression is the monoamine-deficiency theory. It simply believes that depressive symptoms are caused by depletion of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, or dopamine, in the brain Hasler, Monoaminergic systems participate in the organization of extensive cognitive functions, such as reward processing, attention, mood, sleep, and appetite Hasler,.

In the video, Elan Saks talks about how she has schizophrenia and has went through treatment and therapy for it. She talks about loose association and two examples.

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