On The Job Training: Cons And Disadvantages

Friday, October 29, 2021 3:59:18 AM

On The Job Training: Cons And Disadvantages

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On The Job vs. Off The Job Training

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Also, if the training is expensive and costs dearly to the company in an unfair manner, there is no use in prolonging one. Before discussing about the on the job method, let us know what it is first. Basically, on the job training means teaching the employees about the key factors that are needed in a job after they have got placed in a company and that too within the company premises itself.

It can be best described as the implementation of new services and the experience gained from it by an employee during his or her period of tenure in the company. Both the learner and the teacher, in this case, are the employees themselves. The training that is involved with this method can either be formal or informal. Also, in certain cases, a highly experienced employee will assist a newcomer in learning the tactics that are needed in the field required. Also, a number of prescriptive and precise working program courses are available that teaches the needs in a concise manner. A typical on the job training involved demonstration which will be followed by coaching and learning the alternative job rotation methods along with the projects that are currently outsourced to the company.

The employee is given specific job-based instructions and manuals and they need to practice these under the able direction of more experienced and qualified staff. By this way, the newcomers can gain more confidence in terms of their work. The trainer skilled employee directs them not only how to carry out the task properly but also, gives proper advice without delay by pointing out any blunders.

This allows a new trainee to get themselves included purely and rapidly into the company, as well as the job training being customized to suit the needs of the company. Besides, on-the-job training makes sure that the employee is both working and learning simultaneously. Yes, the training process that is involved with this method is quite simple to understand as it particularly only focuses on the company. As there are no formal training companies and trainees needed, the most are cost beneficial and save the time of teaching the employees. As first-hand experiences are being doled out in the workplace itself, the working centre itself serves as the learning centre. This point is obviously true as an employee not only gets an opportunity to learn but also can rectify any mistakes committed during the due course of time and can ensure to prevent these mistakes in the future.

As the trainees or the employees are actually taken to the real work station for the training process, they will only be in the progression of acquiring and learning the necessary skills. As a result, organizational productivity as one single unit will be lowered considerably. On the other hand, the goods that were produced by skilled trainers will be of a qualitative nature. The on-the-job training method is expensive in the sense that the workers are distressed by the ongoing training activities; the goods produced by the learning trainees will be of considerably less quality and there will be huge chances of damaging the goods permanently.

These all will result only in the higher cost of production rates. A large commotion may happen during the everyday work process as the trainees are still in their learning phase only. The existing and experienced workers may feel troubled due to the interruption of both the trainees and the supervising members. Beneath OJT, the learners are straight away involved with the real production process, and they do not have the sufficient knowledge and dexterity of working with the known equipment and resources. Hence, the possibility of accidents survives and loom as a huge threat in the work station. Both types of training methods are provided to the employees by their employers for the betterment of their performance and work. Not every method followed in this world is absolutely flawless and clearly, the methods of job training are also no exception.

Though we have listed down all the pros and cons of both the methods, it is not an exaggeration if we say that both the methods are highly economical and affordable within their circles. In this digital age where everything is being digitalized and modernized, these types of training have become a standard norm. There are cases when conducting an onsite training will not suffice for the requirements of the job wherein there is no other go, rather than opting for a crash course.

For instance, the recruitment of persons for those jobs which need a heavy amount of correlating with the external clients. Hence, it is the decision of the company solely to determine whether an onsite or an offsite course is needed and act accordingly. Sunday, October 10, Book a Demo. Sign in. People who go through a training together share a common bond. This bond then creates the relationships that are necessary for a team to co-exist in a meaningful way. A good training session does more than train someone to properly do their job. It also builds the foundation necessary for a team to be able to form the relationships necessary to maintain itself.

Employees can take their skills to a competitor. The costs of training never go away. Improper training creates improper results. There must be a high level of quality assurance and review placed on the initial training process to make sure productivity levels from new workers can be maximized. Different people learn best in different ways. Some people need to fiddle with things in order to learn new skills. Others may prefer a small group discussion. You might have a new employee who learns best with supervised practice of the new skills that are expected of them.

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