Racing In The Rain Analysis

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Racing In The Rain Analysis

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What F1 Feels Like... Racing In The Rain!

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Enzo thinks deeply about the world and his understanding of the truly important aspects of life makes his point of view both refreshing and illuminating. Enzo comes to enjoy his role as protector and confidant to the little family until Eve suddenly becomes ill. Enzo watches as Denny's entire world is turned upside down and he stands to lose everything. Through everything that happens to Denny and his family, Enzo is the observant witness who shares his perspective with the reader while telling the story of his journey with his best friend. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In. View the Study Pack. View the Lesson Plans.

Plot Summary. Chapters 1 - 7 Pages 1 - Chapters 8 - 14 Pages 38 - Chapters 15 - 21 Pages 84 - Chapters 22 - 28 Pages - Chapters 29 - 35 Pages - Chapters 36 - 42 Pages - Chapters 43 - Chapters 50 - Chapters 56 -. Free Quiz. Topics for Discussion. The book is told from the point of view of Enzo, a supremely intelligent animal. Enzo dreams of becoming a human race car driver like his owner, Denny Smith, in his next lifetime. It is better to drive within oneself and finish the race behind the other than it is to drive too hard and crash" Stein However, although Enzo regrets the fact that he has been born a dog and longs to be reborn in his next life into human form, the novel suggests that the mute wisdom of dogs is often more compassionate and intelligent than the supposed civilized conduct of humans.

Enzo is a great student of life even though he has only learned about life from watching television and watching his master. His favorite television programs are racing programs, but he also loves the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.

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