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AfCFTA, a catalyst to aggregate disarticulated markets. Africa is fading away without economic sovereignty, says Namorong. Get help. News Africa Economy. In a terse statement, Army warns against tacit endorsement of lawlessness, confirms arrest of Nollywood star, Chiwetalu Agu. Limiting the development of gas projects poses dire challenges for African nations, says Osinbajo, cautions against campaign to defund gas.

Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! You do not have because you do not ask God. So, if we have free will, does that mean God's not in control? Here is where things can get sticky and confusing for people. God is still sovereign — He is still omnipotent and omnipresent. Even when we make bad choices, or when things fall into our laps, God is still in control. It's all still part of His plan. Think of the control God has like a birthday party. You plan for the party, you invite the guests, buy the food, and get the supplies to decorate the room. You send a friend to pick up the cake, but he decides to make a pit stop and doesn't double check the cake, thus showing up late with the wrong cake and leaving you no time to go back to the bakery.

This turn of events can either ruin the party or you can do something to make it work flawlessly. Luckily, you have some icing left over from that time you baked a cake for your mom. You take a few minutes to change the name, serve the cake, and no one knows any different. It's still the successful party you originally planned. That's how God works. He has plans, and He'd love for us to follow His plan exactly, but sometimes we make the wrong choices.

That's what consequences are for. They help bring us back to the path God wants us to be on — if we're receptive to it. Because a person wants something so badly, they are convinced that it simply has to be fate for it to happen. If it then does not happen, fate has failed to deliver what was so badly hoped for. Instead of accepting that their belief was merely wishful thinking, they feel let down by fate.

If the person had merely thought that something might happen, rather than that it will happen, then they would accept the fact that it did not happen as fate. They would say it was not meant to be. Jacquelyn Mathis answered. Fate is something that is predestined to be. People believe that they were destined to be together, but then something gets in the way of this happening, say like one of them passing away, for one reason or another.

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