The Role Of Desolation In Miss Emily

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The Role Of Desolation In Miss Emily

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Although she thought that she would outgrow her childish desires, Edna still yearned for something more in her life. She is unapologetic when she chooses how to live her life. Judy suppressed everything she felt, never confronting Danny. She played it all off, avoiding the drama she might cause. It was after a week of living with the man she most desired and his girlfriend that she finally decided she could bear it no longer.

Danny and his girlfriend were setting up the table for dinner as they called for Judy to come join them. She did not know the spells or the magic, so gave Joan all she had of care and courtesy and hard work. Behind her in that cottage was disappointment and failure. Throughout The Catcher in the Rye, by J. She repeats the issues that go around in her life but in very precise detail. Later Brady goes on to use. Not only does he have no friends, Curley's wife also puts him in his place.

This example suggests that even. Jem and Scout are taught a very different, and more humane, way of treating people, regardless of how different the person may be, by their father, Atticus. Scout tries to apply this as she struggles to understand the inhumanity she witnesses around her, but is largely unsuccessful until the end of the novel. One time he said you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them.

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Archived from the original on June 28, Retrieved June 24, Democracy Now! June 24, The reader is forced to know Emily through her house. Emily is closed off from the community, and only after her death does they get a chance to know how she was by exploring her house. She had cut off ties from everyone after the death of her father. She became a hermit who increased her distance from this community. Miss Emily was stuck in the past when her family used to have a significant role over the functions of this town.

She sees no reason to pay taxes as her father basically founded this town. Therefore, her house represents this era when she had control over her life. In A Rose for Emily William Faulkner creates a narrative that requires the reader to go on a quest in this house to understand the main protagonists. This house identifies the wealth and privilege that Emily enjoyed before the civil war that changed her reality. Emily becomes an outsider by refusing to accept her reality, and the location of her house exemplified her isolation from this community. Emily uses her house as a barrier from reality and the state of this house represents the state of her mind as she is stuck in the past. This house is described as dusty, dark, and shuttered, recognizing how much this isolation affected her.

She is described as socially awkward and is dependent on her servant. She is determined to preserve the house the way it was when life made sense to her. Her house was a connection to her father, who was a man who held his family at high regards above everyone else. She lives under the standards that her father set when he was alive. Her father set standards that did not help her socialize with this community. Her abandonment issues were magnified when her boyfriend, who ran away, severing her connection to the world. Emily is seen as a shell of her former self, and this is evident through the dilapidated state of this Victorian-era house.

The death of her father led to her depression and denial that made her cut all ties with this community. Therefore, an exploration of the house is an exploration of Emily. According to Daniel Miller, our possessions are extensions of ourselves. These possessions signify our character and personality. Our possessions identify what we hold dear in our existence. Society determines our worth through our possessions that represent our social and economic status. The aspect of Consumerism is based in this process of socialization that puts meaning to our possessions.

We learn to associate our possessions with the positions we occupy in our society. These possessions are uses to bring sense to ones existence as our belongings bring a sense identity and meaning.

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