Independance Day Essay

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Independance Day Essay

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The air show of Pakistan Air Force boosts the mrale of the People. Homage is paid to the martyrs of freedom fighters. Pakistani national songs are sung by childrens. Homage is paid to the Quaid. Special functions are held in schools and colleges. The national flag of Pakistan is hoisted on houses, trees and buildings on the occasion of 14 August, and resolutions for the solidarity of the country are passed. Radio and TV telecast special programmes to create awareness of the purpose for which Pakistan was created. Dear Children, Pakistan is our country, we have to be honest in our work and word. We must make each and every corner and place of our country Pakistan a peaceful place. We should learn to behave well and show tolerance.

We should use things made in our own country by our own people. Let's make a strong resolution to be Pakistani and buy Pakistani. Pakistan is my country, i love Pakistan and i pray for my country and the people of my country. What is the importance of 14th August in our history? How do you celebrate Pakistan day on 14th August? What kind of programmes are telecast to celebrate the Pakistan Day?

From then, students, farmers, laborers, all and sundry joined the liberation war and after taking guerilla training fought with the Pakistan occupation forces. Thus, after a sea of blood and lots of sacrifices, we achieved our liberation from Pakistan. Today we are proud as an independent and sovereign nation. Fress is the birth-right of man. But freedom does not come down on a nation. A nation must rise to achieve it. Bangladesh experienced about long British colonial rule that ended up in Bangladesh became a province of Pakistan named East Pakistan. However, the deprivation and exploitation of Pakistani rulers created grievances and resentment among the people of East Pakistan.

This time they rose for the complete break up with Pakistan and voiced for an Independent nation. The Most Glorious and the greatest achievement for Bangladesh in the last century has been its birth as an independent nation. Bangladesh became a free and independent nation and stood upright and with dignity and honor among the nations of the world. But Bangladesh had to pay a hefty price for its independence. About 3 million lives have been sacrificed in the war of Independence. Operation Searchlight was a planned genocide accompanied by the Pakistani army beginning March 25, , through which they tried to suppress the Bengali nationalist demonstration that took place in March and earlier.

This genocide directed by the order of the West Pakistani ruler, which was followed by Operation Blitz in November of The real purpose of the operation was to capture all significant cities between March 26 and eliminate political and military opponents within a month. On 7th March , Sheikh Mujubur Rahman while addressing a huge crowd in the historic racecourse groud. He declared that the struggle of this time is struggling for freedom.

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