Superpowers: A Case Study Of Bells Phenomenon

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Superpowers: A Case Study Of Bells Phenomenon

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Bell's Phenomenon

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According to a review published in the journal Advances in Nutrition , experts concluded that "sustained exposure to [AGEs] gradually erodes native defenses, setting the stage for abnormally high [oxidative stress] and inflammation, the precursors of disease. So, go grilled whenever you can or bake your foods in the oven. Unhealthy Ingredients: Nitrates and nitrites, high heat cooking methodsProcessed meats are the worst of both worlds. They're typically made from red meats high in saturated fats, and they contain high levels of advanced glycation end products AGEs : inflammatory compounds that are created when these processed meats are dried, smoked, and cooked at high temperatures.

Not to mention, those nitrates and nitrites in cured and natural, "uncured" meats can turn into carcinogenic nitrosamines when exposed to high heat, according to Meat Science. And you're typically roasting your sausages on a flame-flickering grill and bacon in a frying pan, right? Manufacturers have a limit on the amount of nitrites they use and are required to add antioxidants, such as vitamin C, which a review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found helps to inhibit nitrosamine formation.

While a study in Food Chemistry found processed foods have an average of 80 percent fewer nitrites than they once did, you can take extra precautions to limit your nitrosamine exposure by purchasing uncured meats that use no nitrites—only salt—and try turning down the heat. Consuming too much of the white stuff can lead to obesity, which often causes other health problems like diabetes and heart disease. And many cereals pack more sugar into one bowl than you'll find in a Boston Cream Donut! You'll also want to check out the 20 Worst "Healthy" Cereals. Unhealthy Ingredients: Sodium, preservativesFreezing food is a terrific way to make it last longer, so why add preservatives? Unfortunately, manufacturers do; just witness this list of the 60 Worst Frozen Foods in America.

Instead, opt for organic, low-sodium, low-sugar frozen options. Unhealthy Ingredient: SodiumAnd here you thought we'd say the sugar. And calories. And fat. And everything else. While that's all true, and restaurant desserts are dangerous because the portions are often oversized, it's the sodium content that many people don't even think about. That innocent-looking, California Pizza Kitchen dessert you see pictured above has a whopping 1, calories, 73 grams of fat, milligrams of sodium, grams of carbs, and 64 grams of sugar. Unhealthy Ingredient: Sugar duh According to the Pew Research Center, Americans ate over 90 grams of added sugar a day in —which is 40 grams above the FDA's recommended intake of 50 grams per day and a whopping 65 grams above the World Health Organization's recommended intake of 25 grams!

Americans' high consumption of refined, white sugar has been linked to everything from increased risk of type 2 diabetes to heart disease to obesity. Unhealthy Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, caramel color, artificial colors, propylene glycolBirthdays are a time to celebrate. Something you shouldn't celebrate? Your frosting being made with chemicals. Many brand-name frostings, such as Duncan Hines' Creamy Home-Style Classic Vanilla, are made with partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oils. And despite being white, many of these frostings are tinted with potentially carcinogen-contaminated dyes such as caramel color and titanium dioxide and artificial colors. Lastly, the propylene glycol in many frosting recipes has been linked to poor kidney health by research in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

Famous syrup brands like Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth are made with two ingredients we're constantly telling readers to avoid—liver-damaging high fructose corn syrup and carcinogen-contaminated caramel coloring—and one thing we wish they actually had: real maple syrup. Looking for even more ways to cut back on the sweet stuff? Unhealthy Ingredients: Fiber-less fruitBusy mornings and grab-and-go breakfasts are practically synonymous—so it's easy to see the appeal of store-bought smoothies.

They seem like the best way to get what you crave in a pinch. But the timesaving drinks have a downside: Compared to fresh-made drinks, most of them fall short on nutrition and are so calorie- and sugar-filled that your blood sugar is sure to skyrocket. Just take Naked's Pomegranate Blueberry smoothie as an example: Downing this entire bottle will fill you up with a whopping 61 grams of sugar and absolutely zero fiber. Be sure to avoid The 18 Worst "Healthy" Juices to keep your waistline trim and play it safe by blending up a homemade smoothie. Unhealthy Ingredients: High heatGrilling is awesome, but you have to watch your char! When you char meat, something called heterocyclic amines, or HCAs, develop when the creatine, sugars, and amino acids in meat react to your grill's high temperatures.

Several studies published have linked HCAs with an increased risk of colorectal , pancreatic , breast , and prostate cancers. Adding antioxidant-rich spice extracts, like rosemary, to beef patties before grilling can slash the production of HCAs up to 90 percent, according to a study published in the Journal of Food Science. Another way to reduce your risk? Turn down the heat, since burnt meat contains higher concentrations of HCAs. That's because many of us are unknowingly eating this class of endocrine-disrupting chemical toxins. Similar to BPA, phthalates are used in plastic food and beverage wrappers and packaging—and they're not staying there. In , an Environmental Health Perspectives study found that people who ate fast food often had dose-dependent higher levels of phthalate compounds than infrequent eaters.

If you're really craving fast food right now though, be sure to check out the 13 Healthiest Fast Food Burgers, Recommended By Nutritionists. Unhealthy Ingredient: Sucrose, glucose, caffeineWe can only imagine the number of broken Bunsen burners it took to come up with the now-familiar energy drink formula. These medicinal-tasting beverages are simply overpriced chemical cocktails with the caffeine content of a strong cup of coffee and a lot of sugar or scary artificial sweeteners.

Here's why you should be concerned: A University of Maryland study found energy drinks to be 11 percent more corrosive to your teeth than regular soda. Gross, right? Another unsettling finding came from a case study of a year-old construction worker; having too many energy drinks could destroy your liver. The report, published in BMJ Case Reports in , found that the man developed acute hepatitis after consuming four to five energy drinks every day over the course of three weeks. Unhealthy Ingredients: BHA and BHT Using a premade pie crust might save you some time when you're baking, but what's on store shelves is anything but healthy for you.

So make sure your ingredient list is free from these preservatives. One crust we approve of is Trader Joe's version! Unhealthy Ingredients: ArsenicDespite the countless health benefits of brown rice—which include digestion-slowing fiber and metabolism-boosting selenium—there is one reason you might consider the white grain over brown: arsenic levels. Recent analyses conducted by the Food and Drug Administration have found that arsenic is showing up at alarming rates in our beloved brown rice. Not only is arsenic known to be a carcinogen, but long-term exposure to high levels of arsenic is also associated with higher rates of skin, bladder, and lung cancers, as well as heart disease, according to the FDA.

Because arsenic seeps into the outermost layers of the grain, it remains in fiber-rich brown rice but not in polished white rice. Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN, registered dietitian and founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition , agrees that the levels of arsenic in rice are concerning, but assures the risks can easily be reduced by varying all grains and starches we consume. Unhealthy Ingredient: Sodium, sugarMaking biscuits from scratch can take forever, but the majority of the packaged varieties of bagels and muffins are chock-full of sodium and sugar, a double whammy that is bad for your waistline and your overall health.

But hey, now you have plenty of time to whip up your own, much healthier batch! Unhealthy Ingredient: High fructose corn syrupBarbecue sauce may be the condiment of choice for people who love something smoky and sweet, but it can do damage to your waistline. Most bottled BBQ sauces are packed with tons of added sugar and sugar variations. Take Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue Sauce—not only does it have 15 grams of sugar in just two tablespoons, but the first ingredient listed is high fructose corn syrup. Also made with corn syrup and sugar, this sauce is the equivalent of pouring almost four sugar packets on your pulled chicken or bratwurst.

If you need a condiment for your hot dog or brat, opt for mustard instead. It's super low-cal at just 3 calories per teaspoon, and packs a flavorful punch. If you must have BBQ sauce, make a low-sugar version yourself with some tomato paste, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, and spices. Unhealthy Ingredients: Polysorbate 80When you're missing out on creamy milk, manufacturers turn to the chemistry lab to make up for the lack of flavor and texture. One additive—polysorbate 80 P80 —helps to give diet ice cream its addictive creamy texture and long shelf life, but it harms your health. Georgia State University researchers previously linked the emulsifier with low-grade inflammation in the intestine.

Not a good sign. Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar, artificial dyesWhoever invented the Gatorade Dunk—the tradition in which winning sports teams dump coolers of the stuff on their coaches—was really on to something. One scan of the nutrition label and it's clear: the sports drink is better off seeping into the sidelines than your stomach. Sure, it provides critical post-workout electrolytes, like sodium and potassium, but it also serves up a hearty helping of calories and sugar. In fact, there are 52 grams of the sweet stuff which is more than a day's worth in a ounce bottle.

What's more, the beverage is teeming with stomach-churning additives like artificial dyes. A better and safer way to replenish the electrolytes and water lost after a tough workout: try drinking a more natural beverage, like HALO Sport. Unhealthy Ingredient: Sugar, sodiumCream cheese is indulgent on its own, but it soars to new heights when it's made into a decadent, creamy cake. Cheesecake is filled with high amounts of fat, sugar, and sodium, and it will set you back an astronomical amount of calories for one slice of a treat you usually eat after dinner.

Just take a look at any cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory: The Original Cheesecake option has calories and 58 grams of fat, while almost every other option on the menu has more than 1, calories. We uncovered tons of cheesecake recipes you can try out at home that won't kill your waistline, and if you're looking for a creamier alternative, you can also get your sweet fix with a Greek yogurt parfait. Greek yogurt itself will give you a solid protein boost, and it has a thicker and creamier consistency, so if you add some fruit and ginger syrup, you'll definitely satisfy that cheesecake craving.

Unhealthy Ingredient: SugarThis creamy dessert is on the decadent side, thanks to confectioners' sugar, whipped cream, espresso, ladyfingers, egg yolks, and mascarpone, just to name a few of the ingredients that quickly make this dessert into a high-calorie, sugar-heavy dish. Just take The Cheesecake Factory's version as an example, which comes in at more than 1, calories, 67 grams of sugar, and mg of sodium.

While this is always a "sometimes" dessert, try making your own version at home. You're not only in control of the portion size, but also what you're putting in the cake, so you can make substitutions, such as using egg whites and lighter whipped cream cheese. Read more: 50 Unhealthiest Desserts on the Planet. Unhealthy Ingredient: Palm oilYou know the creamy taste of margarine had to come from somewhere, and usually it's from the addition of vegetable oils—and many blends can include palm oil, which has a high saturated fat content and can also cause inflammation.

Instead of spreading your bread with margarine, why not swap in olive oil instead? Just make sure you're using exact measurements so you're not overdoing it, as one tablespoon has calories. Unhealthy Ingredient: Oversized portions of beefIt was known as a low-cost dish in the '50s, '60s, and '70s, making it a common convenient dinner option back then, but it has more or less lost some value as a family meal staple. If you feel nostalgic while out to eat and order this while you're dining out, the dish will most likely be filled with fat and extra sodium especially if it comes with a ketchup-based sauce. If you go to The Cheesecake Factory and order their Famous Factory Meatloaf, you'd consume more than a day's worth of sodium in the lunch size alone—the dinner size is almost two day's worth.

Plus, you'll probably be eating more meat than you need to in one sitting. Swap in ground turkey or chicken instead of beef for a leaner meat substitute, and try your hand at making this dish at home to keep sodium and fat in check. Unhealthy Ingredient: Sodium, fatA taco bowl is one of the quickest ways to consume a lot of calories, fat, and sodium all at once. Between the fried tortilla, plus the filling of meat, rice, cheese, sour cream, sauces, and other toppings, things can get out of control quickly. This oversized option is a no-go. If you're ordering in Chipotle for lunch and go for the burrito bowl, make sure you keep what you're getting in your bowl light and opt not to get a tortilla on the side or any chips.

Instead, why not make your own taco salad? Lettuce serves as your base, then add a protein, some beans, and salsa skip the sour cream to keep things lean—the salsa will give you a juicy punch of flavor on its own. When you're in full control of the ingredients, that's always the best-case scenario. Unhealthy Ingredient: Sodium, food additivesPopping a frozen pizza in the oven might save you time than ordering one from your local pizza shop, but with high sodium counts and scary food additives, you might want to keep these slices in the freezer section.

Red Baron's Classic Crust 4 Cheese Pizza has ingredients such as L-Cysteine hydrochloride a salt used to treat overdoses and "ammonium sulfate" a commonly-used lawn fertilizer , along with milligrams of sodium per serving, while Tombstone's Frozen Pepperoni Pizza contains BHT and BHA, so you're not really safe no matter which popular brand you go with. The Unhealthiest Frozen Pizzas is proof. It's best to just make your own pizza! If you're craving a Hawaiian-style pie or a breakfast-friendly variety , a homemade pie is never a bad idea, as you're in complete control of the ingredients.

Start with whole-wheat pizza dough, a low-sodium marinara sauce, a light sprinkle of cheese, and healthy toppings, and what you come up with. Unhealthy Ingredient: Cream, butterAlfredo sauce is made from cream, parmesan cheese, and lots of butter, which together, just wreak havoc on your waistline. In fact, cream is rarely used in authentic Italian pasta dishes, so if you visit Italy, there's a good chance you won't find this dish on restaurant menus. It is present on the Olive Garden menu, however, and it comes in at 1, calories, proving this is another all-American-version of a classic dish you're better off without.

If you're craving pasta, instead go with a classic spaghetti aglio e olio recipe , as this dish has very few ingredients: garlic, oil, salt, and pasta. Unhealthy Ingredient: Sodium, simple carbsBelgian waffles tend to be bigger and thicker with deeper grids meant to hold even more syrup, butter, and cream, so that right there is reason enough to avoid choosing this as a breakfast option when you find yourself out to eat at a diner. Plus, they often get loaded with sugar and sweet batters, so they can go from bad to worse.

They're also loaded with simple carbs, which makes them too easy to digest and not very promising when it comes to keeping you full and focused. Go with a traditional waffle you can whip up at home and make sure to top with fruit and pure maple syrup. If you're looking for more ways to start the morning right, check out these 37 Breakfast Foods for Optimal Weight Loss. Unhealthy Ingredient: Sugar, saturated fatThe onion ring is a great example of how everything that's good about a vegetable can be expunged, thanks to being deep fried. Some say they're even worse than French fries because onion rings have more calories, more saturated fat, more sugar, and less potassium.

Unhealthy Ingredient: Sodium, sugar, preservativesMayo ranks among the worst of the empty-calorie condiments, and even non-fat varieties aren't any better, considering the sugar and preservatives they contain. Plus, the fact that mayo is made with eggs but can happily sit, unrefrigerated, on a supermarket shelf for months without breaking down or separating is forever concerning. You can make a healthier version of mayo at home by blending Greek yogurt, lemon juice, mustard, pepper, and spices. You'll save more than calories and 20 grams of fat per quarter-cup serving. Plus, Greek yogurt is rich in protein and calcium, so it makes for a heartier, healthier spread. Unhealthy Ingredient: SodiumThe basis of nachos consists of tortilla chips, which although not generally all that bad for you, don't provide any sort of nutrients.

Then you add on ground beef or pulled pork, sour cream, guacamole, and an unseemly amount of yellow cheese, and you're in calorie and fat overload. And this bar-food staple is often a go-to appetizer at many restaurants. Just take Applebee's for example, where their nachos come in at 2, calories and over 5, mg of sodium. Unhealthy Ingredient: SodiumAttack of the beige! Whenever your dinner is monochromatic in this case, the off-brown hue of deep-fried , you know you're in trouble.

Don't blame the fish though—the seafood is packed with lean, muscle-building protein and heart-healthy fats. But the trouble here lies with a massively unbalanced fish-to-fat ratio. A coating of crispy batter and a pile of deep-fried potatoes is just loaded in sodium and fat. When it comes to seafood, always abandon ship on fried fish and opt for grilled instead. Unhealthy Ingredient: SodiumAlthough there is protein in mozzarella sticks, this popular appetizer choice happens to be fried, and fried foods in particular up the calories, sodium, and saturated fat of everything they encounter. Just look at the mozz sticks from Applebee's: they come in at calories and more than 2, mg of sodium.

Even if you're sharing these, this is not a snack you should be indulging in. Skip the whole breaded and fried aspect and just munch on pure cheese sticks , which you can pair with some grapes or almonds for a filling snack. And while you're at it, make sure you're staying away from these 19 Unhealthiest Restaurant Appetizers in America—Ranked! Unhealthy Ingredient: Sugar, sodiumIf you make the right choices when eating French toast, it isn't necessarily all that bad, but ordering this breakfast dish out at a restaurant changes everything, as it just adds more fat, sugar, and salt to a meal already high in fat, sugar, and salt as it is.

To quell your sweet tooth craving at breakfast, make a smoothie alongside a breakfast sandwich with a side order of eggs. Or try your hand at your own French toast that has plenty of fruit, protein, and fiber. Unhealthy Ingredient: Vegetable oils, margarineWe know, we know—biting into a buttery, flaky croissant is unlike anything else. But if you eat too many of them, pretty soon, your belly could transcend your belt buckle.

A butter croissant from Dunkin' Donuts has 19 grams of fat 24 percent of your daily value , calories, and 8 grams of saturated fat 40 percent of your daily value —and you're likely eating all that before you even make it to work in the morning. And that's just for plain. If chocolate croissants are your go-to, you're looking at consuming upwards of 16 grams of saturated fat per pastry from Au Bon Pain, or 80 percent of your daily value's worth. Unhealthy Ingredient: It's found in so many processed and packaged foods, but soybean oil may be just as bad for you as sugar. There are studies that claim the oil can be linked to obesity and harm liver function.

When in doubt, it's best to avoid foods that contain soybean oil, which we know, is very hard to do as it seems to be in everything. When you're cooking though, there are tons of other oils you can turn to, such as avocado oil and even ghee —a form of clarified butter—which both have high smoke points. Unhealthy Ingredient: SodiumTypically dubbed a healthy, soothing meal, soup truly is one of the least suspicious diet saboteurs of them all; however, that's not the case with canned brands. What makes it so addicting?

Besides being appealing because of its low cost, many popular brands add excess amounts of salt—some brands like Campbell's Homestyle Chicken Noodle contain nearly 1, milligrams or more than half your recommended daily intake—which can actually cause us to overeat, according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition. Besides disrupting satiety cues, when you constantly flood your system with sodium, you can overwork your kidneys. As a result, the sodium sits in your bloodstream where it attracts water, causing water retention and bloat, making you look five pounds heavier. Unhealthy Ingredients: Palm oil, caramel color, Yellow 5, Yellow 6Palm oil, caramel color, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6 are just a few of the unsettling ingredients found in a typical bouillon cube, such as Knorr's Chicken Bouillon Cubes.

In regards to palm oil, a meta-analysis in the Journal of Nutrition found this specific fat significantly increases low-density lipoprotein LDL , or bad cholesterol, compared with vegetable oils low in saturated fat. Followed by potentially-carcinogen-contaminated caramel color and artificial coloring agents that may have adverse effects on activity and attention in children, it's in your best interest to beware of what bouillon brand you're buying. To discover other items you should avoid adding to the pot on the stove, check out these The 20 Worst Ingredients for Weight Loss. Unhealthy Ingredients: Soybean oil, sugar, mono and diglyceridesCan someone explain to us why a product that's packed in a box marked "Baked Fresh Daily" contains at least two preservatives?

Entenmann's isn't the only one with misleading labeling. Otis Spunkmeyer Muffins look healthy coming in at calories per serving—and then you see there are two servings per muffin. Typically, store-bought muffins contain over calories and a third of the day's fat, and eating half now and "saving the rest for later" is near impossible—likely because foods rich in carbs, fat and sugar can be downright addicting. Plus, many commercial muffins are also spiked with waist-widening soybean oil and additives like mono- and diglycerides. As prepared, you hit a third of your day's recommended intake of sodium per serving; and if you eat half the box, you could end up consuming half of your entire day's allotted sodium.

High sodium intake is associated with ailments such as hypertension and heart disease, according to the American Heart Association. Unhealthy Ingredients: Hydrogenated soybean oilThat pesky ingredient is very much present in frozen pies, especially in Marie Callender's line of apple pies. While there is zero trans fat listed on the frozen desserts' nutrition labels, the presence of soybean oil and hydrogenated soybean oil is still concerning, as this type of oil has been linked to weight gain.

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sodium phosphate, corn syrup, sodium, sodium nitriteThere are plenty of good reasons not to eat hot dogs—their high levels of sodium and carcinogen-producing nitrates are just two—but if you need another, here you go. The BBQ staple is also preserved with sodium phosphates: an ingredient that even McDonald's scrapped from their menu.

Studies published in the journals FASEB and Aging have connected high levels of serum phosphates due to dietary consumption to higher rates of heart disease, chronic kidney disease, weak bones, and accelerated aging. Unhealthy Ingredient: SodiumThere really is nothing quite like some takeout and Chinese food is often a meal many like to order in. But the problem with these favorites is that they are loaded in sodium. Unhealthy Ingredients: Excess sodiumThe deli meats you use to make your lunch may be putting your life at risk. Consider this: just 2 of those thinly-sliced pieces of meat can contain more sodium than a bag of pretzels, and upwards of milligrams!

And who only uses 2 slices…? A diet high in sodium puts many at risk for high blood pressure hypertension and heart disease, and with the average American consuming 3, milligrams of sodium each day, according to the American Heart Association, you should try to choose lower-sodium options whenever they are available. Unfortunately, all-natural, "uncured" meats still contain nitrates from natural additives like celery powder, so you won't really be reducing any negative health risks by purchasing these. Rather, the American Institute for Cancer Research AICR recommends focusing on reducing your intake of processed meats to 18 ounces or six 3-ounce servings of meat a week. With other gross additives like corn syrup solids and artificial peach flavor, you're better off making your own plain oatmeal and adding milk and peaches.

And to really be in the know, here are 24 Best and Worst Instant Oatmeals. Unhealthy Ingredients: Artificial coloring, added sugar, saturated fatsYou already knew all the artery-clogging fats and addicting sugars in candy weren't doing you or your family any favors, but you likely didn't realize that certain candies can make it more difficult for your little ones to concentrate. The landmark case United States v. Some obstacles to interoperability among tech platforms stem from technical challenges or lack of coordination, while other obstacles arise from unwillingness to work with competitors. Data Portability: While not as seamless as interoperability, data portability offers an additional tool for consumers to move between platforms.

With data portability, a user can export data from one platform and move it to a comparable platform similar to how one moves a contact list from one email provider to another. Platform companies are responsible for ranking content, as well as removing inappropriate content, such as child pornography and exploitation. However, platform curation often faces a tension of allowing first amendment protected free speech, while simultaneously keeping hate speech and misinformation campaigns in check. While current law states that websites are not responsible for the content their users post, platform companies have begun to take a more active role in curation to match public sentiment. The revelation that Russians engaged in misinformation campaigns to influence the presidential election has prompted increased scrutiny of social media bots and black hat SEO, which dominate search results by tricking search engine algorithms.

While misinformation campaigns are not new, social media amplifies their impact and enables effective and precise targeting. Social media feeds, search engines, and image recognition rely on algorithms and machine learning, thus algorithmic fairness and auditability has also drawn considerable attention. In addition, algorithms can echo and amplify societal biases, racism, and sexism. Vast collections of sensitive data also make users susceptible to data breaches, demonstrated by a recent hack that compromised 50 million Facebook user accounts.

One cannot expect the business model of the Internet to change, but safeguards and controls can help empower consumers. While U. The frameworks of competition, content accountability, privacy, and security are useful guides in approaching federal policy options. These key issues also demonstrate that policymakers can look to historical examples, assess existing toolkits, and recognize that many of these tools are not mutually exclusive. The following policy options, loosely ordered from least to most substantial government intervention, demonstrate the spectrum of paths forward in big tech regulation:. Status Quo : Maintaining the status quo relies on trusting that new entrepreneurs will inject competition into the market and disrupt current big tech.

Several historical examples support this trend of new players routinely overtaking incumbent technology companies in the past without federal regulation: Yahoo gave way to Google, Blackberry to iPhone, and MySpace to Facebook. Self-Regulation : Government and regulators face a significant information gap compared to companies, which have a more comprehensive understanding of the technical landscape. Self-regulation would enable big tech to set industry standards in line with technical realities. In addition, the momentum of public pressure has already led to many big tech companies injecting public purpose into their businesses.

For instance, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all contributors of the Data Transfer Project, which seeks to improve data portability across platforms. Pro-Competition Regulation : Federal regulation can be a means of fostering competition by crafting policies that promote interoperability requirements, greater data portability, and consumer protections. Examples from the past, such as the Cable Act of , illustrate how federal regulation successfully opened up marketplace bottlenecks. Public Utility Regulation : Utility regulation is generally applied to a service that is deemed both vital for consumers and a natural monopoly with barriers to entry, such as electricity and telephone service.

Utility regulation comes with government oversight in matters such as price, quality of service, and consumer protection. While there are many policy options to consider for big tech, any successful policy will need to empower the consumer, maintain innovation, promote competition, align with our democratic values, and be sufficiently forward-looking to account for the fast-paced nature of big tech. In addition, any domestic policy should be paired with a global dialogue and coordination in order to ensure cohesive and meaningful impact. Ghosh, Dipayan, and Ben Scott. January 23, October 2, Verveer, Phillip. November 20, Wheeler, Tom. November 1, August 16, Over the years, the steady flow of data privacy controversies has pushed policymakers to scrutinize how big tech companies collect and use consumer information.

Privacy can also be protected by contract e. We need a cohesive legal framework for data privacy. The framework for data privacy already exists and is embedded in the principles of common law. Duty to Deal : The current marketplace allows for platforms to collect and hoard vast amounts of information about users, and then gain and maintain dominance based on the control of that data.

An entity that controls access to a fundamental asset should have an obligation to make that asset available—not for free, but there should be nondiscriminatory access. Just as government once established rules to protect the collective good by assuring safe food and drugs, and clean air and water, we now have a collective interest in overseeing how the internet allows companies to collect and exploit personal information. The creation of online privacy protections for American consumers should be based on three building blocks: transparency, control and responsible forethought. Transparency : Consumers should know what is being collected, how it is being collected, and how the information is being used, including what information is being stored for subsequent reuse.

Informing consumers about the data being collected is not absolution. Specific disclosure as to how the data is used and to whom it is available are essential to the meaningful enrichment of any transparency. Most important, however, is giving the consumer control over their own information and establishing for the companies specific expectations about their activities and responsibilities. Control : Ninety-two percent of Americans believe companies should gain permission before sharing or selling their online data. Digital Forethought : Mark Zuckerberg was candid in his congressional testimony when he said the design of digital platforms often proceeded without consideration of the effect of that design.

What has been missing, thus far, in the internet era has been exactly that kind of planning ahead to identify the possible effects of a specific digital activity. Disinformation discussions tend to focus on the advertising technologies developed and operated specifically by Google, Facebook, and Twitter. However, the digital tools available to disinformation campaigners are far from limited to the services offered by these three firms. These platform companies are at the center of a vast ecosystem of services that enable highly targeted political communications that reach millions of people with customized messages that are invisible to the broader public.

The ecosystem includes an entire toolbox suited to precision propaganda including:. This combination of interconnected tools is a brilliant technological machine that serves to align the economic interests of advertisers and the platform companies. The more successful the advertising campaign, the more money everyone makes. In this marketplace, all advertisers are essentially alike, whether they are pushing retail products, news stories, political candidates, or disinformation. When it comes to the application of these tools, all advertisers seek to emulate the most successful strategies. That means all the tools of behavioral data collection available for the purpose of targeting communications into highly responsive audiences—i.

When disinformation operators leverage this system for precision propaganda, they harm the public interest, the political culture, and the integrity of democracy in ways distinct from any other type of advertiser. Studying the entire marketplace of digital advertising in order to find the best ways to constrain bad actors and minimize harm to the public presents a more complex, and perhaps more disturbing, picture of the problem. Absent this wider perspective, we cannot prepare policies to effectively deter disinformation operations. Election law, privacy regulations, and consumer protection law are the likely primary avenues for establishing legal restrictions to address this problem.

How those areas of law can or should be applied will vary across national jurisdictions and legal systems, and will in part turn on their interaction with legal protections for free expression. Political Campaigns and Elections : The lowest hanging fruit in this agenda is to require more transparency for campaigns and other political actors that use internet platforms to advertise. The FEC has recently taken a small step in this direction. Privacy : The roots of disinformation campaigns draw on behavioral data collection to filter audiences into highly responsive segments that can be isolated and misled.

The problem is not objectionable political speech, but rather the exploitation of social data to apply precision propaganda without the knowledge of the user. For this reason, we focus on the question of whether and how to restrict data collection or ad targeting on political issues and elections-related topics. In addition, there may be useful reforms to the current practice of what constitutes informed consent for the collection and use of data. In the dawning age of AI and autonomous decision-making, it may be that the long absent political will to address the invasiveness of consumer data mining emerges not in response to the harms to personal privacy but to the damage inflicted by behavioral targeting on the body politic.

Consumer Protection and Competition Policy : The sheer size of the user base for the largest internet platform companies—and their market dominance—has raised novel theories of how to analyze and shape their relationship to democracy. They are worthy of careful review. For example, the vertical integration of behavioral data collection and advertising networks in markets with little competition raises questions about how best to inform and protect consumers from harm. These questions, combining concerns about consumer privacy, consumer choice, and the absence of market competition, have recently been raised by European regulators.

It is a theme that has also been raised in recent commentary from prominent technology leaders. Freedom of Expression: Despite our deep concerns about political disinformation, we must be mindful of the privileged role granted to political speech in American law—including anonymous and pseudonymous speech—by the First Amendment and the human right to free expression. There are clear civil liberties and human rights concerns with any regulatory approach where the state requires platforms to delete or block access to speech— or to hold them liable for such speech—without due process of law. In general we do not favor such censorship-based approaches.

Towards a New Political Economy for Digital Media : The simple fact that disinformation campaigns and legitimate advertising campaigns are effectively indistinguishable on leading internet platforms lies at the center of our challenge. They use the same technologies to influence people—reaching a share of the national market with targeted messages in ways that were inconceivable in any prior media form. But if the market continues to align the interests of the attention economy with the purposes of political disinformation, we will struggle to overcome it.

The path forward is to explore effective ways to limit the exploitation of personal data—social profiles gleaned from online behavior—for the purposes of precision propaganda, isolating and manipulating audiences with commercialized political disinformation. This could be done through limits on data collection, rules about how it is applied, and measures to increase consumer transparency and control. Our task is to chart a course to a new social contract with technology. The technologies of precision propaganda do not distinguish between commerce and politics.

But democracies do. There are no easy answers, and this has not been done before. But the American political resilience has through the ages hinged on our implicit commitment that markets must take a backseat to democracy. A combination of new policies, corporate practices, technical product features, public education, data security, and citizen empowerment will all be needed to achieve this goal.

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