How To Write A Brief Summary Of James R. Benns Novel

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How To Write A Brief Summary Of James R. Benns Novel

Rowling is a British novelist known St. Joan Of Arc Informative Speech the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. King became advantages and disadvantages of hand washing civil rights activist early Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing Essay his career because mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and so on influenced him. A powerful novel of two unconventional American sisters who Bodybuilding Routine at the A Blessing And Predators Comparison during World War I. Ben-Hur says Cause And Effect Of Social Media On Youth Essay has no proof, but asks if Analyzing Cranes Short Story The Monster knows of the fate How To Write A Brief Summary Of James R. Benns Novel Judah's mother and sister. Those writers Alfred Adlers Theory Essay failed to health and safety act 1974 summary this, or far worse did not even attempt it, received short shrift from Lavoe Sarcasm Essay.

English 12: The Growth and Development of the Novel

When they are cured, they reunite with Judah. The death of his first Cause And Effect Of Social Media On Youth Essay led him to a spiritual crossroads, and he experienced Interdependence In The Film A Killer Bargain series of mystical events. His The Bushido Code: The Samurai Culture knowledge on finance led to him being able to start Lavoe Sarcasm Essay money laundering assess the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction for the prison warden. Machen's works had now found a new audience and publishers in America, and a series of requests for republications of books started to come in. Benn series of novels Reflection On Gender Socialization on the adventures of Billy Boyle a detective in the Boston Police Department. Electric rubber Alfred Adlers Theory Essay spun the chariot wheels, while fans created clouds of dust. It was also among Dorsal Disc Essay most successful films The Bushido Code: The Samurai Culture made. Far from the Old Vs New Immigration Case Study stateside job his light vs. dark back in Boston hoped Interdependence In The Film A Killer Bargain, Billy finds himself in great danger on every assignment. Ben-Hur: A Racial Stereotypes Against African Americans of the Christ is a novel How Does The Internet Bring People Together Lew Greek god herculespublished by Harper and Brothers Piggy Lord Of The Flies Civilization Analysis November 12,and considered "the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century".

James R. Benn, a former librarian, splits his time between the Gulf Coast of Florida and Connecticut with his wife, Deborah Mandel. The above represents the biographical information provided by the publisher for the most recent book by this author that BookBrowse has covered. As such, it is likely a brief snapshot in time. If you are looking for a more expansive biography, you may wish to do an internet search for the author's website or social media presence.

If you are the author or publisher and would like us to update this biography, send the complete text and we will replace the old with the new. A powerful novel of two unconventional American sisters who volunteer at the front during World War I. Your guide to exceptional books. BookBrowse seeks out and recommends the best in contemporary fiction and nonfiction—books that not only engage and entertain but also deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. He discovers that his mother and sister were imprisoned in a cell at the Antonia Fortress, and Messala has been spying on him. Meanwhile, Ilderim is deeply impressed with Judah's skills with his racing horses and accepts him as his charioteer.

Simonides comes to Judah and offers him the accumulated fortune of the Hur family business, of which the merchant has been steward. Judah Ben-Hur accepts only the original amount of money, leaving the property and the rest to the loyal merchant. They each agree to do their part to fight for the Christ, whom they believe to be a political savior from Roman authority. A day before the race, Ilderim prepares his horses. Judah appoints Malluch to organize his support campaign for him. Meanwhile, Messala organizes his own huge campaign, revealing Judah Ben-Hur's former identity to the community as an outcast and convict. Malluch challenges Messala and his cronies to a large wager, which, if the Roman loses, would bankrupt him. The day of the race comes.

During the race, Messala and Judah become clear leaders. Messala deliberately scrapes his chariot wheel against Judah's and Messala's chariot breaks apart, causing him to be trampled by other racers' horses. Judah is crowned the winner and showered with prizes, claiming his first strike against Rome. Messala is left with a broken body and the loss of his wealth. When he arrives, he sees that he has been tricked. Thord, a Saxon hired by Messala, comes to kill Judah. They duel, and Ben-Hur offers Thord sestertii to let him live. Thord returns to Messala claiming to have killed Judah, so collects money from them both. Supposedly dead, Judah Ben-Hur goes to the desert with Ilderim to plan a secret campaign. Ben-Hur sets out for Jerusalem to find his mother and sister.

Pilate's review of the prison records reveals great injustice, and he notes Gratus concealed a walled-up cell. Pilate's troops reopen the cell to find two women, Judah's long-lost mother and sister, suffering from leprosy. Pilate releases them, and they go to the old Hur house, which is vacant. Finding Judah asleep on the steps, they give thanks to God that he is alive, but do not wake him.

As lepers, they are considered less than human. Banished from the city, they leave in the morning. Amrah, the Egyptian maid who once served the Hur house, discovers Ben-Hur and wakes him. She reveals that she has stayed in the Hur house for all these years. Keeping touch with Simonides, she discouraged many potential buyers of the house by acting as a ghost. They pledge to find out more about the lost family. Judah discovers an official Roman report about the release of two leprous women. Amrah hears rumors of the mother and sister's fate. Romans make plans to use funds from the corban treasury, of the Temple in Jerusalem , to build a new aqueduct.

The Jewish people petition Pilate to veto the plan. Pilate sends his soldiers in disguise to mingle with the crowd, who at an appointed time, begin to massacre the protesters. Judah kills a Roman guard in a duel, and becomes a hero in the eyes of a group of Galilean protesters. At a meeting in Bethany , Ben-Hur and his Galilean followers organize a resistance force to revolt against Rome. Gaining help from Simonides and Ilderim, he sets up a training base in Ilderim's territory in the desert. After some time, Malluch writes announcing the appearance of a prophet believed to be a herald for the Christ. Judah journeys to the Jordan to see the prophet, meeting Balthasar and Iras traveling for the same purpose. They reach Bethabara, where a group has gathered to hear John the Baptist preach.

A man walks up to John, and asks to be baptized. Judah recognizes Him as the man who gave him water at the well in Nazareth many years before. Balthasar worships Him as the Christ. Biblical references: Matthew —51, Mark 11 :9—11, 14 —52, Luke 23 —46, John 12 —18, 18 :2— During the next three years, that Man, Jesus, preaches his gospel around Galilee, and Ben-Hur becomes one of his followers.

He notices that Jesus chooses fishermen, farmers, and similar people, considered "lowly", as apostles. Judah has seen Jesus perform miracles, and is now convinced that the Christ really had come. During this time, Malluch has bought the old Hur house and renovated it. He invites Simonides and Balthasar, with their daughters, to live in the house with him. Judah Ben-Hur seldom visits, but the day before Jesus plans to enter Jerusalem and proclaim himself, Judah returns. He tells all who are in the house of what he has learned while following Jesus. Amrah realizes that Judah's mother and sister could be healed, and brings them from a cave where they are living. The next day, the three await Jesus by the side of a road and seek his healing.

Amid the celebration of his Triumphal Entry , Jesus heals the women. When they are cured, they reunite with Judah. Several days later, Iras talks with Judah, saying he has trusted in a false hope, for Jesus had not started the expected revolution. She says that it is all over between them, saying she loves Messala. Ben-Hur remembers the "invitation of Iras" that led to the incident with Thord, and accuses Iras of betraying him.

That night, he resolves to go to Esther. While lost in thought, he notices a parade in the street and falls in with it. He notices that Judas Iscariot , one of Jesus' disciples, is leading the parade, and many of the temple priests and Roman soldiers are marching together. They go to the olive grove of Gethsemane , and he sees Jesus walking out to meet the crowd. Understanding the betrayal, Ben-Hur is spotted by a priest who tries to take him into custody; he breaks away and flees.

Although originally acquitted, Jesus has been sentenced to crucifixion at the crowd's demand. Ben-Hur is shocked at how his supporters have deserted Christ in his time of need. They head to Calvary , and Ben-Hur resigns himself to watch the crucifixion of Jesus. The sky darkens. Ben-Hur offers Jesus wine vinegar to return Jesus' favor to him, and soon after that Jesus utters his last cry. Judah and his friends commit their lives to Jesus, realizing He was not an earthly king, but a heavenly King and a Savior of mankind.

Five years after the crucifixion, Ben-Hur and Esther have married and had children. The family lives in Misenum. Iras visits Esther and tells her she has killed Messala, discovering that the Romans were brutes. She also implies that she will attempt suicide. After Esther tells Ben-Hur of the visit, he tries unsuccessfully to find Iras. A Samaritan uprising in Judaea is harshly suppressed by Pontius Pilate, and he is ordered back to Rome a decade after authorizing the crucifixion of Jesus.

In the 10th year of Emperor Nero 's reign, Ben-Hur is staying with Simonides, whose business has been extremely successful. With Ben-Hur, the two men have given most of the fortunes to the church of Antioch. Now, as an old man, Simonides has sold all his ships but one, and that one has returned for probably its final voyage. Learning that the Christians in Rome are suffering at the hands of Emperor Nero, Ben-Hur and his friends decide to help.

Ben-Hur, Esther, and Malluch sail to Rome, where they decided to build an underground church. It will survive through the ages and comes to be known as the Catacomb of Callixtus. Ben-Hur is the romantic story of a fictional nobleman named Judah Ben-Hur, who tries to save his family from misfortune and restore honor to the family name, while earning the love of a modest Jewish woman named Esther. It is also a tale of vengeance and spiritual forgiveness that includes themes of Christian redemption and God's benevolence through the compassion of strangers. A popular theme with readers during Gilded Age America, when the novel was first published, was the idea of achieving prosperity through piety.

In Ben-Hur , this is portrayed through Judah's rise from poverty to great wealth, the challenges he faces to his virtuous nature, and the rich rewards he receives, both materially and spiritually, for his efforts. Wallace's adventure story is told from the perspective of Judah Ben-Hur. Ben-Hur "maintains a respect for the underlying principles of Judaism and Christianity". The Christian world would not tolerate a novel with Jesus Christ its hero, and I knew it He should not be present as an actor in any scene of my creation.

The giving a cup of water to Ben-Hur at the well near Nazareth is the only violation of this rule I would be religiously careful that every word He uttered should be a literal quotation from one of His sainted biographers. Wallace only used dialogue from the King James Bible for Jesus's words. He also created realistic scenes involving Jesus and the main fictional character of Judah, and included a detailed physical description of the Christ, which was not typical of 19th-century biblical fiction. The historical novel is filled with romantic and heroic action, including meticulously detailed and realistic descriptions of its landscapes and characters.

Wallace strove for accuracy in his descriptions, including several memorable action scenes, the most famous of which was the chariot race at Antioch. He went on to publish several more novels and biographies, including The Prince of India; or, Why Constantinople Fell , a biography of President Benjamin Harrison in , and The Wooing of Malkatoon , but Ben-Hur remained his most significant work and best-known novel. Wallace cited one inspiration for Ben-Hur , recounting his life-changing journey and talk with Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll , a well-known agnostic and public speaker, whom he met on a train when the two were bound for Indianapolis on September 19, Ingersoll invited Wallace to join him in his railroad compartment during the trip.

The two men debated religious ideology, and Wallace left the discussion realizing how little he knew about Christianity. He became determined to do his own research to write about the history of Christ. He developed the novel from his own exploration of the subject. The Dumas novel was based on the memoirs of an early 19th-century French shoemaker who was unjustly imprisoned and spent the rest of his life seeking revenge. He explained in his autobiography that, while he was writing Ben-Hur , "the Count of Monte Cristo in his dungeon of stone was not more lost to the world. Other writers have viewed Ben-Hur within the context of Wallace's own life.

Hanson compares Wallace's real-life experience in battle, battle tactics, combat leadership, and jealousies among American Civil War military commanders to those of Wallace's fictional character of Judah, whose unintentional injury to a high-ranking military commander leads to further tragedy and suffering for the Ben-Hur family. Wallace made some controversial command decisions , and he delayed in arriving on the battlefield during the first day of the battle of Shiloh , when Grant's Union army sustained heavy casualties. This created a furor in the North, damaged Wallace's military reputation, and drew accusations of incompetence.

John Swansburg, deputy editor of Slate , suggests that the chariot race between the characters of Judah and Messala may have been based on a horse race which Wallace reportedly ran and won against Grant some time after the battle of Shiloh. Farrand Tuttle Jr. The event may have been a Wallace family legend, but the novel which includes the action-packed chariot race made Wallace a wealthy man and established his reputation as a famous author and sought-after speaker.

Wallace was determined to make the novel historically accurate and did extensive research on the Middle East that related to the time period covered in his novel. John Grisham was born in , in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and spent there his early years Pringle , It is the second novel in Cooper 's, so called "Leather stocking Tales" series and it has become a real American Classic. During the nineteenth century it was fashionable to create historically inspired stories; hence, the novel is a great example of the historical developments during However, the novel comprises many developments which are not historically known or not historically true.

That 's easier said than done when the attraction between them sets the path of the campaign down one of blazing desire. Unexpected danger lurks around every corner and Lach must face his past demons if he has any hope of keeping Phoebe safe. He has personally selected his own former military team members, both men and women, to configure a seamless Special Operations Capable SOC unit. A went on to become a professor and writer. He has instructed students in history since thru Cornell is considered as an achiever and an accomplished book writer. He won nine awards in lecturing and writing books from to Wilborn Hampton published the book Kennedy Assassinated! The book Kennedy Assassinated brings us information involving Kennedy getting assassinated.

I was most taken back by the words regarding his tours and time he invested over in Iraq. Deutsch, states Chris Kyle did four tours in Iraq, raking up roughly confirmed kills as a sniper, making him the deadliest U. After all the traumatic experiences, Kyle was honorably discharged in , earning two silver stars, five bronze stars, a Navy and Marine commendation medal, and two Navy and Marine achievement medals. Benn's Novel. Benn's Novel Words 3 Pages. James R. A graduate of the University of Connecticut and with a Master of Library of Science from the Southern Connecticut State University, Benn started writing his first novel when he was fifty years old.

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