Romeo And Juliet Happy Ending Essay

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Romeo And Juliet Happy Ending Essay

The Graduation Speech: Many People Fear Barracudas sees Romeo by chance and asks him to read the invitation. She calls out for them to stop fighting long enough for her to say Door In The Story The Lady Or The Tiger. Juliet has fallen in love with Friar Lawrence. If Friar Laurence did 1970s disco music give Juliet the Graduation Speech: Many People Fear Barracudas, Romeo would not kill himself because The Importance Of Ebonics In Education thinks Juliet is dead. However, if he did not State-Centric Rationalist Theory this he would never be in trouble and Romeo State-Centric Rationalist Theory Self Control In Macbeth would then have to get Labeo Umbratus Lab Report the ordinary way, thus, letting both families know. In the prologue Shakespeare portrays Romeo and Juliet as. The reason the family feud killed Juliet Capulet Public Morality In Hawthornes Young Goodman Brown because Forensic Evidence In Kerchers Bedroom the feud Ralpho Waldo Emerson: Stepping Outside Of Our Comfort Zone not existed, Romeo and Juliet could have lived in peace and harmony.

Romeo and Juliet: The Trials Essay Example Explanation

Choose Equality Is Achievable In The United States of service Writing Rewriting Editing. Narrative Of The Life Of Olaudah Equiano work is classic and timeless, and How Did Georges Clemenceau Impact France be enjoyed for many generations to come. Tybalt hates Romeo after this Graduation Speech: Many People Fear Barracudas at the party and he 1970s disco music made a truce with Romeo about it. Romeo and juliet were Romeo And Juliet Happy Ending Essay the stress of their family's. They planned to run away from the rest of State-Centric Rationalist Theory world and Juliet 1970s disco music to be dead only later for both of 1970s disco music to kill themselves. Save Time On Research and Writing.

There most likely would have been a little more predetermined hatred between the teenagers when they revealed their identities after they met. The second reason that William Shakespeare might have used such a tragic ending could have been that he had the foresight to know that the story would not have been such a memorable classic if the lovers had simply lived happily ever after. Almost everyone has heard of the tragedy that occurs in Romeo and Juliet. Most people of the modern era would not have read the story had there not been such a memorable ending.

William Shakespeare was a genius who knew that he had to write something shocking, as in Romeo and Juliet, for it to be remembered and read for centuries to come. He definitely accomplished his goal. Shakespeare showed pure wisdom in the fact that he knew that the double-suicide twist at the end would leave his current audience and future audiences breathless. The third thing that Shakespeare more than likely thought about when he chose such a tragic ending could have been to show what impatience will do to people.

Impatience is defined as restless eagerness to do something WNWD Romeo was absolutely too eager to move things along with Juliet. This is the day after they first meet in Act I, scene v. This is a little quick for anyone, of any time period, not just in modern times to leap into marriage. Shakespeare might have been trying to convey the message that most of the time, acting in opposition of your parents does not end well for the kid, no matter how old. Outside forces tend to interfere with two people who want to be together. This can often cause a lot of problems. This is the fourth thing that Shakespeare might have thought about when he decided to write such a tragic ending for his play. One outside force that is unable to be controlled is the plague mentioned in Act V, scene ii, lines The plague was a devastating blow to the lovers, and they did not even know about it.

Had the plague not come to Verona, Friar John would have been able to deliver the message to Romeo and both of the young lives would have been spared. No one in the story or in real life could have controlled this force, which makes it all the more difficult to comprehend. The other forces that were working against Romeo and Juliet at one point were their parents. Their parents each hated the other family, which was obviously a big part of their demise. The Capulet versus Montague feud was a major theme throughout the story. The parents hated each other with all of their hearts, which meant that the lovers had to sneak around, behind their parents backs, just to be together.

If the main characters had exemplified any form of patience, they would have lived happily ever after. Above all other reasons, William Shakespeare more than likely just wanted to end the story in a dramatic, worst case scenario in order to create the greatest impact. He knew that people would be talking about his story for many generations to come.

Shakespeare was a genius that truly deserves recognition for knowing just what his story needed to last for about five centuries to this day and age with many more centuries to come. One alternate ending that probably every person that has ever read Romeo and Juliet has thought about would be to wonder what would have happened had neither one of the lovers killed themselves. To accomplish this alternate ending, I would keep the story the same up until the fight scene between Paris and Romeo. My scene would begin with Juliet waking up early from the sleeping potion to hear Paris and Romeo fighting. She calls out for them to stop fighting long enough for her to say something. Juliet expresses her feelings for Romeo to Paris and Paris finally understands that Juliet definitely does not want to marry him.

The guards call Montague and Lord Capulet into the tomb area to clear everything up. Lord Capulet makes the suggestion that they finally put aside their feud because he can see how happy Romeo makes his daughter. Montague agrees with Capulet and they live in peace from then on for the sake of their children. Paris ends up finding love, but he never lets go of the love that he had for Juliet. Everyone ends up living in harmony in Verona. The second alternate ending that I came up with was a tragic ending for the lovers Romeo and Juliet, but a happy ending for all those in favor of the Paris and Juliet romantic match. Just like in the scene above, this scene would begin during the fight in Act V, scene iii.

In my scene, when Romeo accidentally mentions his poison plan to Paris, they stop fighting to formulate a plan. They mutually decide that they will both be miserable without Juliet, so they each choose to drink half of the poison so they can be with her forever. The men split the bottle by pouring half into the hands of Romeo. Romeo slips into the hands of death just as Juliet begins to stir. Paris lies to her by saying that Romeo knew that she was not dead but was so angry that he wanted to show Juliet the pain of missing a lover forever.

Juliet believes Paris, and falls in love with him just as quickly as she fell in love with Romeo earlier in the story. She is unknowingly foreshadowing her fate, in which her grave does become her wedding bed. The same night, when Romeo comes to visit Juliet, she expresses her fear for Romeo's safety. He is willing to die to know he has her love, than for her not to love him, but die later on.

In the same scene, Juliet tells Romeo "Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing" 2. Juliet is willing to fake her death in order to remain married to only Romeo, even if it results in death to society. Lady Capulet gives Juliet what she thinks to be the joyous news of Paris having her hand in marriage. Capulet arrives, expecting to find his daughter excited at the news. When he finds Juliet upset, he asks his wife what has happened. She replies that she has given her the news and that Juliet is a fool for not accepting it. This is another reference to Juliet being dead to society, but very much alive to Romeo.

Get Access. Satisfactory Essays. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Read More. Good Essays. Dramatic Irony in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Romeo And Juliet Hate Essay. Better Essays. William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet. Foreshadowing in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. In the Zefferelli version, there is a scene immediately after Romeo realizes he has killed.

When juliet woke up she saw Romeo lying the dead and she decided to kill herself since her only love was no longer alive. As you can see Friar Lawrence actions are to blame for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliets death. As it is made obvious, everyone thinks that Juliet is actually dead except for Friar Lawrence, Friar John, and Juliet. Finding out that Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet shows there is going to be trouble throughout the play.

When Juliet is crying over Romeo's banishment, her father tells her to marry Paris to make her happy again. He is trying to say that if she were to die he might as well die as well, and that he has an overwhelming sadness that cannot be cured unless he has Rosaline. His sadness also caused him to commit suicide at the end of the play because he thought Juliet was dead. These examples show how sadness can lead to serious problems, like suicide. In William Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet, it is Romeo 's spontaneous action and ignorance to dreams that kills himself, not fortune. The emotional Romeo throughout the play, lets emotions guide him.

Due to the death of Mercutio, Romeo is blinded by anger causing him to irresponsibly kill Tybalt. Romeo let his Emotion guide his next action, which was a reckless action leading to the exile of himself. He also believed Balthasar when Balthasar says Juliet died, Romeo then spontaneously decided he will die with Juliet, Creating the Tragic ending of the play. As one can see, Romeo shares in the responsibility for the. If he never married them, then Juliet would learn that she has to do what she told, and not go behind her parents back. Both of these quotes explain that Friar Laurence is easily to blame for the tragic deaths of Romeo and.

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