What Does Happiness Mean To Me Analysis

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What Does Happiness Mean To Me Analysis

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What Does Happiness Mean to You?

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When we remain sad for an extended period of time it can lead to depression. To avoid this state of mind we must always remind ourselves of happenings in our lives that made us happy. Though life throws countless challenges at us on a daily basis, if we drown in those challenges we would definitely become depressed. It is important that we find positive things in our daily lives to get excited about and feel the happiness. Happiness is a state of mind which makes you feel accomplished in life and having everything in this world without a single reason to repent. The meaning of happiness is relative and varies from people to people. For some, happiness is when you experience professional success, reunions with family and friends, eating out, reading books or watching good movies.

While for others, happiness can be accomplished by some weekend activities which might help you de-stress and get the satisfaction of mind. If you involve yourself in social activities where you help the needy and provide support to the weaker section of the society, you can experience happiness if not anything else. When a young boy flies a kite, plays with mud, and watches the nature, for him, that is the greatest happiness in the world. The happiness of mind is often considered quite contrary to jealousy and anger which you experience once you have failed or unaccomplished any desired goal.

You should always try to rehearse the ways of keeping yourself satisfied and keeping away from negativity to experience peace and happiness in life. True happiness begins where desire ends! What is happiness? It is a state of being happy. But it does not mean to be happy all the time. Happiness is a feeling of something good that is happening in our life. We feel happy when we achieve something. But happiness is spread when our dear one is happy as well. Some people find true happiness in playing with their pets, while some may find happiness in staying engaged in creative work. Happiness is often derived from channelizing thoughts to positive thinking. However, it is not as simple as it may sound.

To achieve the state of complete happiness one has to practice on improving the state of life by:. Stop blaming for something that went terribly wrong in life. The life is all about moving on. Stop worrying and set new goals in life. Everyone desires to be happy in life. Remind yourself of the good things of your life and be thankful about it. Some would state that happiness implies being well off.

Others would state that for them, happiness intends to be sound. You will discover individuals saying that for them happiness implies having love in their life, having numerous companions, a great job, or accomplishing a specific objective. There are individuals, who trust that the want of a specific wish would make happiness in their life; however, it may not be so. Having true happiness is something which is desired by all. There are small things which when incorporated into our daily lives, can lead us to the path of happiness. For instance, instead of thinking about problems, we should actually be thinking about the solutions. Not only will we be happier but we shall also be able to solve our problems faster. Similarly, once in a while, you start the day with the longing to achieve a few targets.

Take a look at what you have done, not at what you have not possessed the capacity to do. This takes away happiness from you. Again, now and then, you go throughout the day effectively completing numerous plans, yet as opposed to feeling cheerful and fulfilled, you see what was not cultivated and feel troubled. It is out of line towards you. Each day accomplishes something good which you enjoy doing. It may tend to be something little, such as purchasing a book, eating something you cherish, viewing your most loved program on TV, heading out to a motion picture, or simply having a walk around the shoreline.

Even small things can bring great levels of happiness in our lives and motivate us for new goals. Happiness is not what you feel from outside, rather it is something which comes from your inner soul. We should find happiness in us rather than searching for it in worldly desires. Some find happiness in having a luxurious life while some find it in having loving people around them rather than money. True happiness lies within us and our expectation of happiness. It is something that should be felt and cannot be explained in words.

Even though this simple word has a lot of meaning hidden in it, many fail to understand the real one or feel the real happiness. Finding happiness in the outer world is the main reason for this failure. Nothing can buy you happiness, whether be the favorite thing you desire for or the person you love the most or the career you build, unless and until you feel it within yourself. Bring happiness and soulful life to yourself rather than expecting it from the outside world like things, money, etc.

Being happy is not as easy as advised to be one happier person. To be content and happy with whatever you have and yourself it takes time and patience. You should practice to be a happier person in all moments and eventually you will notice that no sorrow can sink you down. Learn to live today with more happiness than yesterday and forget about your past sadness for a harmonious life. Thankfulness to the life you got is another important character you should acquire to be happy.

If you compare yourself with someone with better luxurious life, then you will never be happy or content and do it the other way. Try to find every goodness in a situation you face and accept the things that already happened, whether good or bad. Never forget to choose merrier and positive people to be closer to you so that their vibes will also help you in being one merrier person. Whenever you feel low and depressed never hesitate to go to those around you to find happiness. But be aware of those negative ones that may pull you even deeper into the bad thoughts. Always surround yourself with positive thinking and motivating people so that you can rise higher even from the deepest fall. Happiness is nothing but a feeling that will be seeded into your soul only if you wish to and nothing other than yourself can indulge this feeling in you.

Happiness is a very complicated thing. Happiness can be used both in emotional or mental state context and can vary largely from a feeling from contentment to very intense feeling of joy. It can also mean a life of satisfaction, good well-being and so many more. Happiness is a very difficult phenomenon to use words to describe as it is something that can be felt only. Happiness is very important if we want to lead a very good life. Sadly, happiness is absent from the lives of a lot of people nowadays. We all have our own very different concept of happiness.

Some of us are of the opinion that we can get happiness through money, others believe they can only get true happiness in relationships, some even feel that happiness can only be gotten when they are excelling in their profession. As we might probably know, happiness is nothing more than the state of one being content and happy. A lot of people in the past, present and some even in the future will have tried to define and explain what they think happiness really is.

So far, the most reasonable one is the one that sees happiness as something that can only come from within a person and should not be sought for outside in the world. A lot of us try to find happiness where it is not. We associate and equate money with happiness. If at all there is happiness in money then all of the rich people we have around us would never feel sad. What we have come to see is that even the rich amongst us are the ones that suffer depression, relationship problems, stress, fear and even anxiousness. A lot of celebrities and successful people have committed suicide, this goes a long way to show that money or fame does not guarantee happiness. This does not mean that it is a bad thing to be rich and go after money.

When you have money, you can afford many things that can make you and those around you very happy. This saying and its meaning is always hammered on in different places but we still refuse to fully understand it and put it into good use. Happiness cannot come from all the physical things we see around us. Only we through our positive emotions that we can get through good thoughts have the ability to create true happiness. Our emotions are created by our thoughts. Therefore, it is very important that we work on having only positive thoughts and this can be achieved when we see life in a positive light. Happiness is desired by every person. However, there are very few persons that attain happiness easily in life. It is quite tough to get happiness in life as people usually link it with the things and the people around them.

The simple fact is that happiness usually starts as well as finishes with your own life. All those people who understand this fact easily get the true happiness in their life. There are lots of people who link happiness with the money and there are few others also who link it with the personal relations. It is very important to know that if you are not happy with yourself then, it is not possible to remain happy in your relationship as well. The problems in the relationship have been increasing speedily and the main cause behind it is the huge amount of expectation that we have from the other individual.

We always want them to make us feel happy. But all these things are not a true source of happiness in life. The lack of happiness in the relationship not only exists in couples but also in the relationship of friends, sister — brother or parent-child. The following are the few ways that help in creating happiness in the relationships:. You should always pay attention to yourself to get happiness. You should not give importance to any other person in your life in comparison to yourself and also expect the same from that person. Giving too much importance to the other and not receiving anything back from them makes a person disappointed and happiness gets lost. You can make the plan of traveling outside yourself. You can ask them to come along with you if they want.

It is necessary to provide some amount of space to every individual and spend some time with oneself. It helps in creating happiness. It does not matter that whether you are a working expert, a schoolchild, a retired person or a housewife, happiness is necessary for everybody to live a good and happy life. A person who is not fit emotionally will feel an impact on his complete health that will drain very soon. Unluckily, despite the fact that happiness is tremendously necessary, people do not give so much importance to all those habits which can keep them happy. They are so excessively captivated inside their professional lives as well as other nuts and bolts of life that they overlook to relish the happy memories of their life.

Happiness is an internal feeling. It is a healthy emotion. Happiness helps us to stay fit both mentally and physically. Happiness helps in lowering stress and keeping away from any health issues. The reason of happiness may be different for different person. They enjoy what they are doing in the moment and stay curious as they go from task to task, which brings us back to the notion that you should be enjoying everything you can. Therefore, everyone needs happiness in order to savor life. In life, there are many things that will try and bring you down.

However, if you keep happiness, you will rise above them. Instead, if you would relax and live life to the fullest, happiness would find you. Money cannot be kind and cannot have feelings, but the people who use it can and are, usually happy when they spend it because they got what they wanted half the time. Unless you are using it to pay bills. Home Page The Definition of Happiness. The Definition of Happiness Satisfactory Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. According to Webster dictionary the word Happiness in defined as Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy.

People when they think of happiness, they think about having to good feeling inside. There are many types of happiness, which are expressed in many ways. Happiness is something that you can't just get it comes form your soul. Happiness is can be changed through many things that happen in our every day live. Happiness according scientific studies happiness comes from dopamine taking chemicals around the brain, which is a transmitter in the brain that controls the nervous system. These chemicals in the brain make us happy and sad. Happiness means different things to different people, so say Happiness comes from peace and other happiness comes from your expectations from being fulfilled.

Happiness is like being sad or angry, it? Some people can get happiness from the simplest things such as reading your favorite book; other people are more complicated they see happiness as some thing that doesn? People show there happiness in many ways, some people smile and there face just glows in pleasure and enjoyment , while others just don? Even dogs have a way of showing there happiness, they show it by shaking there tail. One of the main reasons there are so many unhappy people in our society is because many have never taken the time to discover what it is that makes them happy.

Chances are if you were to ask someone else what would make them happy you'd get a list of the same thing I mentioned above. The truth is, most people have a difficult time stating exactly what would make them happy for the simple reason they've never really thought about it. I personally believe that real happiness not the 3 second happiness that fades away, it has anything to do with our possessions, our environment, or even our health; it comes from being happy with your life and expecting who you are and what you have in life. Get Access. Satisfactory Essays.

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