Difference Between Quality And Quantity

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Difference Between Quality And Quantity

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The difference between quality and quantity

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Equal and equivalent are terms or words that confuse many not having a math background. This is because those having studied sets in math know that equivalent does not mean identical or the same. There are similarities between things or objects that are equivalent. However, it would be wrong to Say that equivalent things are equal as there are differences between the two. When two things are same or identical in amount or quantity, we call them as equal.

For example, students obtaining same number of marks are treated equals while two circles having the same area are also considered equal circles. If two people make use of the same dumbbell sets and raise it the same number of times, they are said to have completed equal number of sets. Share this comparison:. If you read this far, you should follow us:. Diffen LLC, n. Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control. Comparison chart Quality Assurance versus Quality Control comparison chart Quality Assurance Quality Control Definition QA is a set of activities for ensuring quality in the processes by which products are developed.

QC is a set of activities for ensuring quality in products. The activities focus on identifying defects in the actual products produced. Focus on QA aims to prevent defects with a focus on the process used to make the product. It is a proactive quality process. QC aims to identify and correct defects in the finished product. Quality control, therefore, is a reactive process. Goal The goal of QA is to improve development and test processes so that defects do not arise when the product is being developed.

The goal of QC is to identify defects after a product is developed and before it's released. They work on the base root level of the production of goods and services. They generally manufacture the products in a bulk quantity and are responsible for its origin, quality and creation. Difference between Supplier and Manufacturer. Key difference: The suppliers and manufacturers differ in their functions. Comparison between Supplier and Manufacturer: Supplier Manufacturer Who are they Suppliers are the one who supplies products or goods from the manufacturer to the consumers. Manufacturer is the one who manufactures or creates the products. Importance in It is the company that purchases the stock. It is a part of the product information. Categorized as They are sometimes also categorized as vendors.

They are categorized as producers. Function They supply the product to the respective authority. They actually make and produce the products and services.

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